SAIC Electric Vehicles

SAIC Motor Corporation is a state-owned Chinese automaker and one of the big four, the others being FAW, Changan, and Dongfeng. SAIC is a Fortune Global 100 Company with joint venture agreements with global automakers such as GM. According to SAIC’s plans for 2016-2020, the company will invest more than 20 billion yuan in new energy vehicles, release more than 30 new models equipped with world-leading technologies and work to meet a sales target of 600,000 units by 2020, to further consolidate its leading position in the new energy sector. The Chinese automaker’s introduced its first electric models through its luxury brand Roewe.

SAIC Electric Car Strategy in the news

2020 Week 20 New logo for a new direction

On May 7th, 2020, the Chinese owned SAIC Roewe digitally revealed its new logo to herald in a new development direction. The new brand image is designed to signal Roewe's aggressive direction change as the auto industry adapts to electrification and interconnectivity of the vehicle with the world around it through 5G.

With 300 designers, sixteen design teams designed 500 different options over ten months to get to the chosen result. The design of the previous Roewe logo, and its name, for that matter, was quite controversial as it looked end felt like a Rover knock-off. At last, Roewe can claim they developed a unique identity.

The R logo signifies "Technology inwards, humanity outwards." The relationship between humanities and technology is the cornerstone of Roewe's new development direction. The R-mark projects exclusivity as Roewe shifts to the mid-to-high-end market in its new vision.

At the same time, Roewe gave us a glimpse into its future through the unveiling of the world's first full cabin interactive 5G production car, the Roewe MARVEL-R. The SAIC Roewe Marvel-R EV embodies the elements of its new brand image and will be the first vehicle to herald in Roewe's new direction. The Marvel-R will not be the first EV from the Roewe stable to carry the badge, as images of the SAIC Roewe ER6 EV, due in July this show, emerged sporting the new symbol.

2018 Week 6 SAIC to develop SUV to compete with Model X

Automotive News China reported that SAIC would launch an electric crossover targeted at the Tesla Model X by the end of 2018. The SAIC Crossover will accelerate to a speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) within 4.9 seconds and will be equipped with such as features automatic parking, according to information SAIC disclosed on its website.

2017 Week 40 Rush to electric deliver vehicles

Light Delivery Vehicles is hotting up as the next growth market in the EV sector. Recently we have seen some new and improved models announced in this vehicle class. The drive to make the last mile 100% electric is a low hanging fruit and an obvious target for regulators enforcing emission control in cities. Already Chinese manufacturers have electrified a host of existing combustion LDVs. This week wattEV2buy published a list of over 1,400 special vehicles in China which consists mostly of cargo vans, panel vans, and multi-purpose vehicles.

This week big manufacturers SAIC and Nissan announced the launch of two new electric LDVs. Nissan unveiled the new e-NV200 with a range of 280km (175mi). SAIC unveiled the Maxus EV80, available as a panel van and a chassis cab. The Maxus EV80 has a cargo area length of 3300 mm, width of 1770 mm and height of 1710 mm, resulting in a total volume of 10.2 m3 accessible through wide-opening rear and side doors and capable of a maximum payload of 950 kg (2,100 lbs) and a maximum towing mass of 750 kg (1,650 lbs). The EV80 has a range of 200 km (124 miles) and charges in two hours. The Maxus EV80 LDV comes with a three-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and a battery warranty of five years or 100,000 km.

2017 Week 40 SAIC Maxus to establish in Europe

Some Chinese carmakers have also identified Europe as a key market and are grabbing the opportunity formulating strategies to take advantage of the lead they have due to their own countries aggressive EV regulations. Recently we reported that Chery would create an EV brand for Europe and this week SAIC announced the launch of its Maxus brand in Europe by 2019. SAIC made its intent clear with the launch of the Maxus EV80 electric LDV for Europe.

2017 Week 30 GM SAIC JV to deliver first EV

In China, the SAIC / GM / Wuling joint venture, Baojun launched its first electric vehicle, the Smart look-alike Baojun E100 city car. GAC also released its much anticipated GAC GE3 SUV BEV. Both vehicles will go on sale in August. The Baojun will sell for CNY35,800 ($5,300) and the GAC GE3 starting at CNY 150,000 ($22,200).

2017 Week 25 SAIC creates battery JVs

SAIC, the state-owned top four Chinese auto manufacturer and CATL, top lithium battery manufacturer, this week established two joint venture companies in a bid to challenge Tesla’s dominance in the EV and Battery sectors. CATL and SAIC will play to their strengths in the separate JVs with CATL focusing on battery technology and SAIC on drivetrain development.


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