wattEV2Buy™ provides an uncluttered and clear platform to find the best electric vehicle. I designed and built proprietary tools for mobile and the web to help you find, compare, and calculate charging costs. wattEV2buy promotes the adoption of electric vehicles through it’s blog, newsletter and by listing all Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV’s) launched since 2010.

In a short time, wattEV2buy has become a top-ranked page on Google related to various EV related subjects due to it’s in-depth research. WattEV2buy’s coverage of the Chinese EV market is especially well received by the industry and currently, it is  the most authoritative guide to Chinese EV Models and EV Brands compared to our peers as measured by Site-Analyzer.com.

In June 2020, I partnered with EV-Volumes, a boutique Electric Vehicle consulting firm in Sweden. EV-Volumes specializes in EV sales data and the forecasting thereof as required by all stakeholders in the industry, such as OEMs, producers, mining companies, and regulators. My contribution centers around my knowledge of the EV sector and establishing a comprehensive database to cement EV Volumes’ status as a world-leading Electric Vehicle consultancy.


wattEV2buy is proud to announce the launch of the first global EV Classifieds, evgenius.co. EVGenius help you search for your first electric vehicle the right way round, showing you only cars that meet your range requirements and if it’s a used EV, has the best battery health. No other car classifieds look at the buyers needs the way we at wattEV2buy and now EVGenius does.

We are also in the final phases of developing our new EV Dealer app with cool premium services to make your EV selling journey easy, seamless saving time and money. We are looking for car dealers to help us test the EVGenius Pro car dealer app prototype. Please personal message me through LinkedIn if you are interested to help.


Much is being done to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in the world and car companies are rushing to develop charging corridors in all the major car markets. The Top 10 EV markets make up 66% of the global GDP. But what about emerging markets? Will the developing world become the dumping ground for combustion vehicles for car companies that still want to make a return on investments on combustion plants?

There is a need to develop charging corridors in Africa and I want to help make this happen by raising funds to start the development of such corridors in Southern Africa where abundant sunlight could be utilized to create charging stations in remote areas.


To raise awareness and funds I have entered the toughest mountain bike race in the world, The Munga, an 1100 km (688 miles) single stage Mountain Bike race across the middle of South Africa in the heat of summer. Please reach out to me if you would like to support the effort or find out how you can help or get involved.


Wynand Goosen | 谷淮南

Wynand Goosen | 谷淮南


I studied for an MBA in San Francisco where I was exposed to the fields of Service Science, Gamification, and Renewables, which I combined to create wattEV2buy and the award-winning web app Ekoguru. I consulted on energy storage to Independent Power Producers and in the process modeled, designed and presented various grid sized solutions utilizing lithium-ion and other electrochemical technologies. In my spare time, I authored a children’s book series and started a new project called “Career 180”. I am a frequent presenter at conferences, presenting on financial modeling of battery storage applications and electric vehicles. My latest presentation on the international EV landscape in 2018 can be found here.

Always curious and on a lifelong journey to learn I built this website and mobile app, my first, from online resources, it is a work in progress and it continues to improve. I am always open to new ideas and welcome any opportunities to create a superior value offering to users.