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The Baojun E100 EV minicar is the first new energy vehicle from the GM/SAIC sub-brand. We can expect many more models to follow in
the tracks of the E100 as the JV announced plans to build a 200,000 new energy vehicle only plant by 2017. The Smart lookalike has a range of 160km and a top speed of 100km/h. Vehicle assembly is at at the JV’s Liuzhou plant in Guangxi Province. The E100 will compete with the Geely D2 and the Chery QQ mini cars. At its launch, the Baojun E100 EV was available below $5,000 after subsidies.

The image below shows the funky Baojun E100 shop and its assembly.



BAOJUN E100 EV specs 2017 Battery Chemistry Battery Capacity kWh 14.9 Battery Nominal rating kWh Voltage V Amps Ah Cells Modules Weight (kg) 160 Cell Type SOC Cooling Cycles Battery Type Depth of Discharge (DOD) Energy Density Wh/kg Battery Manufacturer Battery Warranty - years Battery Warranty - km Battery Warranty - miles Battery Electric Range - at constant 38mph Battery Electric Range - at constant 60km/h Battery Electric Range - NEDC Mi 97 Battery Electric Range - NEDC km 155 Battery Electric Range - CCM Mi Battery Electric Range - CCM km Battery Electric Range - EPA Mi Battery Electric Range - EPA km Electric Top Speed - mph 62.5 Electric Top Speed - km/h 100 Acceleration 0 - 100km/h sec Acceleration 0 - 50km/h sec Acceleration 0 - 62mph sec Acceleration 0 - 60mph sec Acceleration 0 - 37.2mph sec Wireless Charging Direct Current Fast Charge kW Charger Efficiency Onboard Charger kW Charging Cord - amps Charging Cord - volts LV 1 Charge kW LV 1 Charge Time (Hours) LV 2 Charge kW LV 2 Charge Time (Hours) 8 LV 3 CCS/Combo kW LV 3 Charge Time (min to 70%) LV 3 Charge Time (min to 80%) No LV 3 Charge Time (mi) LV 3 Charge Time (km) Charging System kW Charger Output Charge Connector Power Outlet kW Power Outlet Amps MPGe Combined - miles MPGe Combined - km MPGe City - miles MPGe City - km MPGe Highway - miles MPGe Highway - km Max Power - hp (Electric Max) 39 Max Power - kW (Electric Max) 29 Max Torque - lb.ft (Electric Max) Max Torque - N.m (Electric Max) 110 Drivetrain Generator Motor Type Electric Motor Output kW Electric Motor Output hp Transmission Electric Motor - Front FWD Max Power - hp FWD Max Power - kW FWD Max Torque - lb.ft FWD Max Torque - N.m Electric Motor - Rear RWD Max Power - hp RWD Max Power - kW RWD Max Torque - lb.ft RWD Max Torque - N.m Energy Consumption kWh/100km Energy Consumption kWh/100miles Deposit GB Battery Lease per month EU Battery Lease per month MSRP (expected) EU MSRP (before incentives & destination) GB MSRP (before incentives & destination) US MSRP (before incentives & destination) CHINA MSRP (before incentives & destination) ¥93,900.00 MSRP after incentives Vehicle Trims 2 Doors 3 Seating 2 Dimensions Luggage (L) GVWR (kg) 850 GVWR (lbs) Curb Weight (kg) 750 Curb Weight (lbs) Payload Capacity (kg) Payload Capacity (lbs) Towing Capacity (lbs) Max Load Height (m) Ground Clearance (inc) Ground Clearance (mm) Height (inc) 69.2 Height (mm) 1760 Lenght (inc) 97.9 Lenght (mm) 2488 Wheelbase (inc) 62.9 Wheelbase (mm) 1600 Width (inc) 59.2 Width (mm) 1506 Other Utility Factor Auto Show Unveil Market Segment Class Safety Level Unveiled Relaunch First Delivery Chassis designed Based On AKA Self-Driving System SAE Autonomous Level Connectivity Unique Extras Incentives Home Charge Installation Public Charging Subsidy Model Code LZW7000EVA



Go to our detailed breakdown of Global EV Sales to see how the Baojun E100 EV fares to its competitors in the fast-growing EV market.


The Baojun E100 electric car in the news

Week 30 2017 - Baojun E100 launched in Chinese market

In China, the SAIC / GM / Wuling joint venture, Baojun launched its first electric vehicle, the Smart look-alike Baojun E100 city car. GAC also released its much anticipated GAC GE3 SUV BEV. Both vehicles will go on sale in August. The Baojun will sell for CNY35,800 ($5,300) and the GAC GE3 starting at CNY 150,000 ($22,200).


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