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Ninox review for managing digital content

As the EV sector heated up and wattEV2buy moved from a hobby to a project using Excel did not work for me anymore. So, I started looking for a database that was easy to handle and allow me to manipulate data with low code — Ninox ticks all the boxes, and as a bonus was cheap.

With Ninox, I could access my website using Zapier from my PC and mobile devices, allowing me greater freedom and speed to provide up to date information, no matter where I was. With Ninox on my phone, I could easily and quickly update my site reading an article on holiday or interviewing a source at a trade conference.

Changing data or creating up to date content was my biggest challenge, I had good content but as the market grew struggled to update data. Now, every piece of data, image, text, or web element is managed from Ninox. There is hardly any need for me to log in to WordPress or an editor once I have created a template, I run my workload and changes from Ninox. By using Ninox a one-man operated website is now one of the most trusted and up to date resources on electric vehicles.

Not only did Ninox simplify the content management on Ninox, but it also increased my productivity. By updating the data once and pushing it to other databases I update my EV Classified website EV Genius, its mobile app, and data that can be downloaded in Excel to customers who pay me for it.

Follow the link below to read a blog post on how I used Ninox to simplify my life and improve my data and content management on wattEV2buy. The use case opened up a whole new way of managing a website or blog. Feel free to reach out to me to see how I did it.

Eventually, I moved my whole life to Ninox. As a hobby, I collect vinyl records, and frequently I would by an LP just to realize when I get home that I already have a copy of it. With Ninox I can access my whole collection, including album covers from my phone while browsing record stores. Also, instead of flipping through my collection looking for a track I just search Ninox to find the album on which the track is.