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Looking for what EV to buy? We provide specifications, pictures, news and sales for over 500 electric vehicles and more than 170 auto brands.


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We have the most comprehensive and visual list of EVs since 2010.

Unsure of buying an electric vehicle? wattEV2Buy is the only platform with a proprietary tool, EV SELECT to help you find the correct brand and model to suit your individual range requirements.
EV charging cost calculator
Not all batteries are the same and its technology has an impact on charging cost. wattEV2Buy designed a tool to help you determine running cost and compare models based on your electricity rate.
ev tech explained
Is electric powered battery operated vehicles a foreign concept to you? wattEv2buy takes the mystery out of EV’s by providing easy to understand and comprehensive electric car information.
Backed by celebrities such as Richard Branson & Leonardo DiCaprio the franchise is fast becoming one of the must-follow sporting events in the world. Catch up and stay up to speed with the sport, its teams, drivers, and cars.
EVs in china
The Chinese electric vehicle market is booming! Use our clickable map to view exciting new companies and models originating from the country.
ev myths
wattEV2Buy debunks myths surrounding electric vehicles with the help of ten shareable image cards. Share the cards with your friends on social media, educating them on the convenience of EVs.
Global-EV Sales
wattEV2Buy provides a detailed breakdown of electric vehicle sales by country, brand, technology, and model since 2010. wattEV2Buy also provides great insights based on the latest data.
We rank all EVs by range, price, and efficiency in the worlds largest electric vehicle markets. Our easy to use and visual infographs show the latest prices for new and used electric vehicles.
EV insights blog newsletter
wattEV2Buy ensures that you stay up to date with the sector through our Blog and Newsletter compiled by an international team of professionals.
EV analysis ev database ev reports
We provide up to date analysis and databases for the EV sector allowing you to make informed decisions on your EV strategy, being it sales or development.

Electric Car Mobile App

Load our fun and easy to use mobile app to find the best EV for your specific commute and price requirements. Interact with others in dedicated forums to find out more about your preferred vehicles. We moved away from the boring filters and cluttered pages associated with car finding sites. Just set your daily commute distance and price range, swipe right the cars you like.

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“At wattEV2Buy™ we live for a future where the Electric Vehicle rule and rush hour noise would be the sound of happy people talking and birds singing.”

– To prove our point, listen to the birds on the launch video of the Aston Martin RapidE

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