Baojun Electric Vehicles

The GM/SAIC/WULING joint venture, in which GM has a 43% shareholding founded the sub-brand in 2010 to compete in the budget sector with Geely and Chery. Baojun, which means “Treasured Horse” in Chinese is headquartered in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province. The GM/SAIC/Wuling partnership committed to investing $470M in a 200,000 new energy vehicle only plant. The Baojun electric vehicles plant is anticipated to be completed in 2017 and likely to be in Liuzhou and gives a clear indication what the JV’s strategy is for the company.

Baojun Pure Electric Models

Baojun Electric Car Strategy in the news

Week 2 2018 Boajun E100 makes Top 3 EV sales for December 2017

The Baojun E100 sold 5,545 units in China during December 2017, making it the third highest volume of EVs sold for the month narrowly missing out on the second position which was the Chery eQ1 which sold 5,650 units. The Baojun E100 which was launched in August achieved the feat in only 5 months bringing its total sales for the 2017 year to 11,420 units.

Week 32 2017 Boajun pre-sales reach 5,000

Baojun is a mass-market car brand from General Motors SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture in China. This week they have reviled their brand new fully electric commuter vehicle, the E100.  

The E100, which is Baojun’s first electric car, is powered by a single 39-horsepower electric motor and has a top speed of 62 miles an hour. The E100 can drive about 96 miles on a fully charged battery. More than 5,000 people have already registered to buy the first 200 vehicles. Another 500 vehicles will be made available this week, and buyers will be chosen on a first-come-first-served basis. The Baojun E100 will sell for around $5,000 after incentives.

Week 30 2017 Boajun E100 launched

In China, the SAIC / GM / Wuling joint venture, Baojun launched its first electric vehicle, the Smart look-alike Baojun E100 city car. GAC also released its much anticipated GAC GE3 SUV BEV. Both vehicles will go on sale in August. The Baojun will sell for CNY35,800 ($5,300) and the GAC GE3 starting at CNY 150,000 ($22,200).


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