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The French automaker, Renault, is one of the trendsetters in the electric vehicle revolution. Renault and Nissan formed an Alliance to create Electric Vehicles. The company is also one of the founding teams of the Formula E championship with its Renault eDames team winning the first two seasons of the franchise. The company’s model range includes the popular neighborhood electric vehicle, the Twizy, which has been cloned in China as the RayttleRenault is rumored to bring a 200+miles version of the Zoe to market, expanding the options available to prospective buyers of electric vehicles at the lower end of the market. Renault’s ownership model is built around leasing its battery’s rather than selling the vehicle as a complete solution, allowing a lower price point but creating concerns around the ability to disable connected vehicles in the event of non-payment.

Although an early leader Renault has lost its momentum as the Group sees autonomous vehicles is a more imminent technology.

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2020 Week 16 Dongfeng and Renault part ways

Dongfeng Motor Group announced that its joint venture company with Renault would be restructured. Difficult trading conditions in the Chinese auto sector is blamed for restructuring. The reason for the restructuring is stated as difficult trading conditions. In terms of the restructuring, Renault will exit the joint venture by transferring its 50% shareholding in Dongfeng Renault to Dongfeng Motors, and Dongfeng Renault will stop selling Renault vehicles.

Renault will remain in China but only focus on light commercial vehicles and electric vehicles. Renault will continue to provide customer service to 300,000 Renault owners in China through Renault dealers and its alliance partners.

Renault will market light commercial vehicles through its JV with Brilliance, the Brilliance Renault Jinbei Automobile Co. Passenger electric vehicles are sold through Jiangling Group New Energy (JMEV). JMEV and Renault plan to introduce four new EVs in China by 2022.

Dongfeng and Renault will still collaborate on autonomous vehicle technology and the eGT three-way joint venture with Nissan on electric vehicles. Currently, eGT sells the Renault City K-ZE, or Renault Eno. The Eno will be sold in Europe under the Dacia brand as the Dacia Spring.

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2018 Week 40 Renault at the 2018 Paris Auto Show

Renault Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn announced the release of a new affordable urban EV, the Renault K-ZE which will be available in 2019, although only to the Chinese market at first. Mr. Ghosn also announced the electrification of existing model ranges in the form of a Hybrid Clio and plug-in hybrid Megane and Captur. The electrification of the three existing models will start in 2020 product refresh cycle. Renault also left the door open that these models could get pure electric drivetrains. The Renault K-ZE will be assembled by the French company’s local partner Dongfeng at the company’s e-GT New Energy Automotive Co, a JV with Nissan. The K-ZE A-segment EV is to have a range of 250km NEDC and equipped with luxuries such as rear parking sensors, rearview camera and a central screen with connected navigation and services.

2018 Week 24 Renault invest in EV strategy

The Nissan Renault Mitsubishi Alliance EV strategy named Drive The Future gained more traction this week with the announcement that Groupe Renault will invest €1 billion ($1.1 billion) towards the strategy, making France a center if excellence for Renaults EVs within the alliance. Renault identified four production sites within France to focus on the development fo EVs, being: Douai – the base for the development of a new Alliance electric platform; Flins – doubling of the existing ZOE capacity; Cleon – tripling electric motor production capacity and the introduction of the new generation electric motor by 2021; Maubeuge – investments for the next generation of Kangoo commercial vehicles, including Kangoo Z.E. The EV related targets for the Drive The Future (2017-2022) strategy is to have 8 electric models and 12 electrified models by 2022. To date, Renault has been the best performing EV brand in Europe posting a 23.8% market share, growing 38% in 2017 due to 44% rise in Zoe sales.

2018 Week 23 Renault offers batter ownership in full on Kangoo and Master

Renault announced that buyers can now purchase the Master ZE and Kangoo in full. The full purchase price will be €7,400 (VAT excluded) more than a model with a battery lease agreement across all variants. Renault ensured that its staff received comprehensive training in electric vehicles, allowing sales teams to better inform customers on the various battery purchase and leasing options available for KANGOO ZE and MASTER ZE. Renault is the leader of the electric utility vehicle in France in 2017 with a 53.6% share of the market.

2018 Week 10 Renault unveils its vision for future mobility

Renault revealed its vision for future mobility, the Renault EZ-GO. The EZ-GO is a robo-vehicle and ride-hailing concept, with an iconic design consisting of a front door for ease of access allowing a total of six passengers to walk into the car. “Ride-hailing and shared mobility services represent an important opportunity for Renault, especially in cities. Many have aging – or very young – populations, and people looking for new mobility solutions,” said Thierry Bolloré, Chief Operating Officer. “We’ve started exploring new mobility services already, and combined with our expertise in individual cars and light commercial vehicles, we believe Groupe Renault will be well-positioned to serve this potential market with electric, connected, autonomous mobility services in both consumer and business-to-business scenarios. EZ-GO is helping us further explore what the future could look like.”

2018 Week 6 Renault announces 2017 EV sales for the Alliance

Renault announced that the cumulative EV sales for Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi from 2010 is 540,623 with Nissan leading with more than 300,000 vehicles since December 2010 and Renault following with 150,000 units, making the alliance the global leader for 100% electric passenger cars and light commercial electric vehicles. Sales for 2017 was up 11% from the year before reaching 91,000 units for the year, short of BAIC and Tesla. Already the new Nissan LEAF received over 40,000 orders globally including 13,000 orders in Japan; 13,000 reservations in the United States; and over 12,000 orders in Europe. Nissan also announced the launch of the Leaf in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. The company is also exploring introducing the zero-emission car in other markets in the region, including Indonesia and the Philippines.

2017 Week 44 Renault to produce 3 EVs in China by 2022

Renault and its Chinese partner Dongfeng announced this week that it would launch three locally produced electric models by 2022. The EVs are expected to be either crossovers or SUVs.

2017 Week 42 Renault to phase out battery lease

Rumors are going around that Renault will phase out its battery lease business model by the end of 2017. The practice has frequently received criticism from customers. If true, it would make the comparison of EVs also easier. Added to the rumor is that current lease owners will get out of their existing rent contracts for free, gaining the battery as a gesture of goodwill for being EV pioneers. Alliance member Nissan has already started with the process of phasing out leases in Europe. The rumor emanated from the Paris Auto Show.

2017 Week 40 Renault unveils Drive the Future plan from 2017 - 2022

Group Renault unveiled its Drive the Future plan for the period 2017 – 2022 in which it targets EV leadership. It is significant that the Group plans to bring 21 new vehicles to the market in the period of which eight are pure electric models and twelve electrified. The plan follows its “Drive the Change” plan and is built around the Group’s vision of sustainable mobility for all, today and tomorrow. Key aspects of the plan relative to EVs include: Expanded Russia presence through Renault and investments in AVTOVAZ (Lada), opening up the opportunity for more EVs in Russia; Accelerating opportunities in China through new strategic joint ventures in EV and LCV; Growing market opportunities in Brazil, India, Iran; 100% connected vehicles in key markets and 15 AD Renault vehicles. In related news, PSA Group’s recently acquired, Opel’s head of development Giles Le Borgne in an interview with Automobilwoche stated – “We will gradually start using PSA platforms and engines for the Opel model lineup.” Appart from the obvious job losses it is safe to assume that we will see more EVs from the brand now that its free from GM‘s limited pursuit of the technology to now.

2017 Week 35 Renault Nissan and Dongfeng enters into EV JV

The Renault Nissan Alliance and Dongfeng Motor Group forged a partnership to co-develop electric vehicles in China according to a press release by Nissan. The new JV company is called eGT New Energy Automotive Co and will focus on the core competencies of each to produce EVs for the Chinese market. The first vehicle by eGT will be an A-segment SUV based on the Renault Nissan platform. The vehicle will be an intelligent and interconnected EV, which is the new rage in China. Alibaba and SAIC released the first successful mass-market interconnected car last year, the Roewe eRX5 SUV. “This project is the result of a joint effort to develop electric vehicles for the Chinese market, by the ‘Golden Triangle’ formed by Dongfeng, Renault, and Nissan, with an innovative business model,” said Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman of Dongfeng. “We expect to meet the transformation trend of the market in China; where cars are becoming light, electric, intelligent, interconnected and shared. This is also testimony of a deepened and strengthened strategic cooperation between the three parties.” The new venture is owned 25% each by Renault and Nissan while Dongfeng will hold the remaining 50% and headquartered in the City of Shiyan, Hubei Province. Assembly of the EV will be done at the 120,000 capacity Dongfeng plant in Shiyan and will commence in 2019.

2017 Week 25 New Renault Kangoo

Renault launched the upgrade to its MPV, the Kangoo Z.E EV. The new Kangoo has a 50% improvement in range from its 33kWh battery, allowing it to achieve a NEDS range of 270km (170miles).

2017 Week 23 Renault Chairman sees autonomous vehicles before EVs

Nissan-Renault Chairman, Carlos Ghosn commented at a press conference in Australia that he sees autonomous vehicles as the next big thing before the environment for EVs become conducive to large scale adoption. “In the next five years, most of the cars will be with some capacity of autonomy. The premium market is going to be totally autonomous.” Mr. Ghosn said.

2017 Week 23 Renault Chairman slams Oz's lack of support for EVs

Longtime Nissan-Renault Chairman, Carlos Ghosn, this week commented that he does not see electric vehicle adoption equal to that of other nations soon. The Australian Governments lack of support for the sector has received widespread criticism from the auto sector recently. Mr. Ghosn was quoted by Australian publication, Drive, saying “The subsidies are important to jump-start the technology and help the technology reach a new level. I understand that your government is going to issue a new policy. I will be waiting [to see] what are the components of this policy.” Earlier this year Nissan Australia CEO Richard Emery lashed out at the Australian government over a lack of support for the EV sector, describing his dealings with the industry as ‘amateur hour.’ Other automakers have shared the same sentiment, this week BMW country chief, Mark Werner, according to Car Advice said at the launch of the plug-in hybrid 530e iPerformance that the government has “stuck their collective heads in the sand.” “Our government is so far behind in their view of climate change,” he said. “Australia has shocking emissions levels. Worse than what we would call non-industrialised or third-world countries.” EV sales in Australia totaled less than a 1,000 vehicles in 2016, while the smaller neighbor, New Zealand sold close to 1,500 in the same period.

2017 Week 8 Geneva Auto Show Line-up

Various auto manufacturers this week teased their hybrid and electric vehicle lineup for the Geneva Auto Show to be held from the 9th to 19th of March 2017. The vehicles include: Porsche will unveil a powerful Panamera E-Hybrid; The Chinese start-up Techrules will unveil its Supercar, the GT96; Toyota will reveal it’s I-Tril concept, speculated to be a three-wheel city vehicle; and Renault is said to reveal a new electric vehicle.

2017 Week 7 Season 3 Race 3

The 3rd event in the current series of the Formula-E electric vehicle street racing calendar held Buenos Aires Argentina ended yet again with a victorious Renault.eDams team. The e.Dams driver, Swiss-born Sebastian Buemi clinched his 3rd win of the series. The Brasilian Lucas Di Grassi’s 2nd position kept Audi’s ABT Schaeffler standings in the overall second position. The Chinese teams of Next EV and Techeeta were the only teams climbing the rankings, now lying 4th and 5th respectively. Newcomer Panasonic Jaguar has yet to score a single point in the 3rd season, with its drivers Evans and Carrol ending 18th and 19th.

2017 Week 2 New Models

Renault this week announced two more additions to its electric vehicle model range, both light commercial vehicles. Renault is one of the few automakers in Europe to commit early on to electric vehicles with models such as the Renault ZOE and Twizy. The two new models will be an improved version of the Kangoo ZE delivery van and a full-size commercial van, the Master ZE. Both vehicles will have an improved 33kWh battery pack and 7kW AC Charger.

2016 Week 40 Formula E

The Formula E Season 3 kicked off in Hong Kong today with a lucky win for 2-time team champions, Renault e.dams. The winners of the previous two seasons qualified in 6th position, but after a crash by DS Virgin’s Jose Maria Lopez forced race leader Nelson Piquet into evasive action providing Renault’s Sebastien Buemi an opportunity. The next event is in 33 days in Marrakesh, Morocco.

2016 Week 39 Paris Auto Show

Renault unveiled the new ZOE with a range of over 250miles, utilising LG-Chem’s improved battery technology. The production version will be available in Europe from November 2016 and sell for around £22,000.00 before incentives.

2016 Week 39 Paris Auto Show

For the first time at an international auto show, electric vehicles took center stage at the Paris Auto Show this week, overshadowing new reports of Tesla autopilot crashes, refuted by the company. The prominence of electric vehicles at the show confirms the shift towards the segment. Most of the front runners in the segment were presented there and used the opportunity to unveil new models, such as the Opel Ampera-e, which is the Chevrolet Bolt badged for the European market. VW unveiled its ID concept vehicle and Renault the Trezor.

2016 Week 37 Sales

The Renault–Nissan Alliance announced that it reached a new milestone by selling its 350,000th electric vehicle since the launch of the Nissan Leaf back in 2010, thereby maintaining its position as the global leader in the sector. The Alliance also achieved a historic milestone by selling 100,000 electric vehicles in one year. Renault sold its 100,000th electric vehicle since the introduction of the Renault Kangoo delivery van in 2011. The Alliance electric vehicles include the Twizy, Kangoo, Fluence, Leaf, and e-NV200.

2016 Week 27 Formula E

Nico Prost of team Renault e.Dams beat Bruno Senna in the 9th round in the second season of the Fiat Formula-e at Battersea Park in England. The series is hotting up with Faraday and Dragon Racing announcing a technical partnership where the EV startup will support Dragon Racing through the next 4 Formula series. The next series starts on 9 October 2016. In related news, Honda announced that it would wait for the series to grow before it participates.


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