JMC Electric Vehicles

JMC created a new company to house its electric vehicle unit under in early 2015. The plant situated in Nanchang City has a planned production capacity of 70,000 units per year by 2020. JMC EV is planning to follow up on its first electric vehicle the E100 EV with four new models, the E200, E160, and E170. The launched in some parts of China. And another four new models including upgraded E100 will be launched in following years. JMC anticipates that EV’s would comprise 10% of its market share, a more conservative estimate than its peers. The company will invest RMB12 billion towards a new EV plant. According to JMC’s official product planning, E400, E200N, E200L, E200EL, E160P, E160L, E400, E300, and E180 will be launched in 2018, mainly A00-class minicars and A0-class miniatures. The E400 is the first compact SUV. In addition, JMC Introduced a new sub-brand focused on EVs – “YIZHI” with its tagline “EVEasy”.

JMC Plug-in Hybrid Electric Models

JMC Commercial EV Models

JMC Electric Car Strategy in the news

Week 30 2018 JMC and CATL teams up

JMC and battery maker CATL entered into a strategic co-operation agreement this week to develop new energy vehicles (NEVs). CATL has entered into agreements with Dongfeng, BMW Brilliance, and GAC Group the past month.

Week 18 2018 JMC New Energy enters into distribution agreement

At the launch of its first EV SUV, JMC New Energy also announced the extension of its network. JMC New Energy already has more than 500 dealers and 600 after-sales service points. By the end of 2018, it will have more than 700 stores in 28 provinces, autonomous regions and 197 cities and counties.


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