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wattEV2buy explores the Mini electric car strategy and list the Mini EV models, news, and sales as it vies for a position in the fast-growing EV market. The Mini E was the first EV concept by BMW i. The field trials were discontinued in 2011 and followed by the BMW 1 Active E. The Mini EV strategy is part of BMW’s broader EV strategy.

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2018 Week 9 Mini and GWM enters into agreement for development of BEV Mini

Mini and Great Wall Motors of China signed a letter of intent for the production of the new Mini EV for the Chinese market. Production of the new electric Mini will commence at Mini’s main plant in Oxford in 2019. It is unclear why Mini did not partner with BMW Group’s existing partner, Brilliance Automotive, through its joint venture enterprise BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA). In the press release, BMW Group confirmed its commitment to the BBA JV which includes two automobile production locations, an engine plant, which includes a battery factory for electrified BMW brand vehicles produced locally in Shenyang.

2017 Week 29 BMWs Oxford plant to produce BEV Mini

We reported in March that BMW was considering Mini as an EV only brand, with the Mini being its answer to Tesla and Chevrolet‘s mass-market cars, the Model 3 and Bolt EV. At the time BMW CEO, Harald Krüger was quoted that the company is considering manufacturing facilities for the Mini in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. Reuters this week reported that unconfirmed sources indicated that the UK would be the winner in the race for producing a fully electric Mini.

The BMW plant in Oxford is responsible for 60% of the Groups compact cars, but in the aftermath of BREXIT, the German automaker established the Netherlands as an alternative manufacturing base. The report indicates that the final desition will be announced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

2017 Week 6 Mini Cooper at the Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show kicked off this week, sporting the highest number of electric vehicle technologies on display in the Show’s history. Vehicles on display include BMW’s i8the Mini Cooper Countryman PHEV, and Ford’s Fusion Energi PHEV. It’s wattEV2Buy’s observation though that with the lack of inspiring and game-changing technologies the Chicago Show underscore that Big Auto is still not getting boots and all behind the technology. Reading between the lines, we see big autofocusing more on autonomous vehicles than electric drive trains as it’s future strategy. 


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