DMAZING Electric Vehicles

wattEV2buy explores the DIAL EV, DMAZING in English, electric car strategy and list the DIAL EV models, news, and sales as it vies for a position in the fast-growing Chinese EV market.

DIAL EV is an EV start-up in China; the company came out of stealth mode in November 2017. DIAL EV with a planned investment capital of ¥5 billion is backed by four shareholders:

  • Jiangsu Yueda Ventures, owned by “Dongfeng Yueda Kia“;
  • IDG Capital, a large venture capital firm which is also invested in  NextEV – NIO;
  • Unicom Tianyi, established in December 2009, with “high-tech enterprises in the field of new energy with lithium battery as the core” and ties to Panasonic;
  • Alte Automotive, a car design and development company well-known in the industry.

DIAL EV acquired a design firm in Tianjin called “Huashangtiande” which is an Automotive R&D company specializing in automotive platform technologies. The Company participated in the development of a series of models of automobile enterprises such as FAWGreat Wall MotorBAICChery and Brilliance.

DIAL EVs management team includes industry heavyweights such as:

  • DIAL EV President He Kun, GAC deputy general manager;
  • DIAL EV VP Wang Dunming, formally GM of sales at Dongfeng Motor Corporation and VP at Dongfeng Yueda Kia;
  • DIAL EV VP Cai Feng, previously GM at Hainan FAW Haima Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

Construction started in December 2016 of DIAL EVs 98 hectare 50,000 units capacity plant at Weinan, Shaanxi. The plant is constructed at the cost of ¥1.97 billion and will be finished by late 2018. The company plans to develop 5 to 6 models by 2023, covering A-level, A0 level, A00 level and other market segments. Production of DIAL EVs first car, a Crossover SUV targeted at the youth segment will start in 2018. The DIAL EV crossover is expected to be in the region of ¥150,000 to ¥200,000.

DMAZING Concept EV Models


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