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wattEV2buy explores the Haima electric car strategy and list the Haima EV models, news, and sales as it vies for a position in the fast-growing EV market.

Haima Automobiles is headquartered in Haiku, Hana Province. The Chinese automaker is a subsidiary of state-owned FAW Group which acquired the shares in 2006 from Mazda. Haima electric vehicle strategy kicked off in 2015 and produced its first electric car, the @3 based on its M3 compact sedan, in 2016.

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2017 Week 41 Xping outsource EV production to Haima

Production plans for the Chinese Internet Car company, Xiaopeng, has been finalized and is set to start this year. In a similar agreement as that of JAC and NIO, the Chinese start-up outsourced the production of its vehicles this week with the signing of an agreement with Haima to build 50,000 electric vehicles over the next four years. Haima has been involved with Xiaopeng since 2016 building a beta version of the first vehicle, the Xpeng Identity X crossover. 

The contract could not have come at a better time for Haima, which saw its sales drop nearly 30% for the year to date. The Identity X will be rolling of the Haima assembly line form this year. Earlier NIO entered into a $1.5 billion agreement with JAC to produce EVs on its behalf starting with the NIO ES8 expected in 2018.


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