Aiways Electric Vehicles

The Chinese Internet-based EV start-up AIWAYS was formed in early 2017 with a capital of RMB13.3 billion and is situated in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. The name Aiwais stand for “AI ON THE WAY”. The AIWAYS electric car strategy is to develop both a luxury sports car and a mass market platform labeled “MAS”. The platform for the luxury car is developed by its German division under Roland Gumpert. The company is constructing a factory with a 300,000 unit per anum capacity which will be completed in July 2018. AIWAYS is to unveil its sports EV at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show and launch its first EVs in 2019. AIWAYS have already entered into strategic partnerships with Bosch (China) and Siemens (China). Other partnerships include NavInfo on mapping and George Fischer to develop a lightweight body. Airways also entered into agreements with Star Charging Group to create a 30,000 strong charging network. A sister company Shanghai Jiaoyun Group will provide the dealership network based on its existing footprint of repair shops and dealerships.

AIWAYS already employs over 600 people and the management team consists of a number of industry heavyweights such as:

  • Fu Qiang, AIWAYS co-founder and past president of Volvo Car China Sales Co., Ltd;
  • Gu Feng, co-founder, AIWAYS President, and CEO. previously the SAIC CFO;
  • Roland Gumpert, AIWAYS CPO and German GM, Gumpert oversaw the Audi Quattro development;
  • Wang Dongchen, AIWAYS Vice President and CTO, previously from FAW Technology Center and FAW-Volkswagen Product Engineering;
  • Qiu Xiaochuan, AIWAYS vice president and GM of manufacturing, past Beijing Foton commercial vehicle VP;
  • Jinxin, AIWAYS Marketing VP, past Beijing Automotive New Energy Marketing Communications head;
  • Wu Wei, AIWAYS Director of Power Systems Development, past Manager of New Energy Development Section at FAW-Volkswagen Technology Development Department.

The MAS platform can accommodate A, A+ and B class cars with a flexible wheelbase between 2700mm to 3000mm. The company can develop at least 15 models on the MAS platform and plans to launch at least two EVs a year, including SUVs, an MPV, SUV Cross, sedans and a pick-up. The battery capacity of the platform ranges from 60kWh to 80kWh.

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Aiways Electric Car Strategy in the news

Week 31 2019 Aiways buys JMC

The Chinese EV start-up AIWAYS became the majority shareholder in the joint venture auto brand Jiangling (JMC) which had Changan as its former majority shareholder. The acquisition is not an attempt to acquire JMC’s production capacity but more its production certificates. AIWAYS will launch its first EV, the much-anticipated U5 in Q4 2019. Assembly of the U5 starts from September at the company’s newly built state of the art assembly line in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. When fully completed the AIWAYS plant will have a capacity of 300,000 units per annum for an investment of 13.3 billion yuan. AIWAYS acquired 50% of JMC for 1.747 billion yuan which is split between 747 million for capital reserve and the remainder as its registered capital, leaving Changan and Jiangling Motors Group each with 25%. Changan called for an increase in the capital of JMC as Chinese automakers try and cope with the shift away from combustion vehicles to smart electric cars.

Week 49 2018 Aiways launch production U5 Ion

Aiways presented the production version of the Aiways U5 EV SUV to the world on the 29th of November. The Aiways U5 is to be listed in Q4 2019 and will be equipped with L2 self-driving capabilities. The Aiways U5 is developed on the Chinese automakers MAS platform which can be extended to MPVs, sedans and pickup trucks. The Aiways U5 is designed as a “smart mobile home” according to AIways and interfaces with the occupants via a 12.3inch floating large screen and 10.25inch drivers display. For detailed specs please go to the U5 page on wattev2buy.

Week 11 2018 Aiways teases its EV pre Beijing Motor Show

AIWAYS teases its EV made of rigid steel and carbon fiber before the Beijing Auto Show which runs from 29 April to 4 May 2018. The EV designed by Roland Gumpert who also designed the Audi Quattro has a range of 600km (375 miles) and accelerates to 100km/h in under 3 seconds and is labeled the “RG”.


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