The Geely owned LEVC, previously London Taxi CO opened the order book for the LEVC VN5 eCity range-extended electric city delivery. Deliveries for the right-hand-drive version of the VN5 starts in Q4 2020 with the left-hand drive to follow in March 2021. The LEVC VN5 comes in three variants, a Business, City, and Ultima trim. The LEVC VN5 eCity has a zero-emission range of 58 miles (93km) and a range extended.

The LEVC designed the VN5 eCity around the needs of delivery and service teams. The rear wing doors can each open 90° or 180°, permitting flexible use of the load compartment, which can take two Euro pallets. A wide step grants easy access for a person or cargo to the rear compartment and comes with preparations for installing drainage or floor ventilation systems. The flat floor is ideal for the installation of cabinets or racking systems. The electric delivery has a payload of 830kg and a further 100kg on the roof.

The interior of the VN5 electric van comes with Dual-Zone climate control as standard, three Driver Profile settings that enable the driver to tailor the van’s seating, audio, and drive settings. A high definition 9-inch touch screen infotainment system in the center of the dashboard is standard and comes with DAB and Bluetooth. The fully customizable interface ensures every interaction is optimized for ease of use. Start & Stop system improves operational efficiency and convenience in busy urban environments.

The LEVC VN5 comes ready to accept geofencing technology, enabling the vehicle too automatically modify its operating settings based on its current location, saving the operator any emissions charges when entering a low-emission zone in an inner-city area. The two-stage regenerative braking energy recovers energy by capturing much of the vehicle’s kinetic energy while braking to convert it into electricity to maintain the battery charge level – helping the driver go further and reduce wear on brake pads. The service intervals of the VN5 is once every 40,000 km or 25,000 miles, making operators more productive and saving operating cost.

The LEVC VN5 electric van can be leased from £493.92 per month based on a Lex Autolease Contract Hire (without maintenance) over 60 months/20,000 mile pa with nine months’ initial payment. The VN5 purchase price range from £46,500 to  £52,500, subject to OLEV approval allowing for a 20% discount up to a maximum of £8,000. The LEVC plat in Antsy, Coventry has a production capacity of 20,000 units per annum.

wattev2buy Top 5 EV news week 28 2020 LEVC VN5 pictures


Technically identical but individually styled is how Audi describes the Audi Q4 e-tron Concept revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2019, and the SUV Coupe revealed today. The production version of the Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback will go into production in 2021.

Like the Audi Q4 e-tron, the e-tron Sportback will be available in an AWD and RWD version. The Sportback is 10mm longer than the Q4 e-tron, and the fastback styling allows the Q4 e-tron Sportback to have a drag coefficient of 0.26 compared to the 0.27 of its sister model. The virtual driver display consists of a new large-format head-up display with augmented reality function. The 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen is positioned above the center console and tilted towards the driver for ease of operation.

The headline specifications for the Q4 e-tron Sportback is:

  • RWD Range 500km / 312 miles
  • AWD Range 450km / 282 miles
  • Max Power AWD 225kW / 302hp
  • Max Torque AWD 470N.m / 347lb.ft
  • Battery 82kWh
Compare the technical specs for the Q4 e-tron SUV and Q4 e-tron Sportback on our model pages.

The Q4 e-tron will be the seventh series production electric car by the manufacturer when introduced in 2021 and is based on the VW Group MEB platform. Audi plans to have 20 all-electric vehicles in its fleet by 2025 to achieve a 40% share of its total sales.

Audi q4 e-tron sportback concept


Volkswagen is giving Europe’s best selling SUV, the Tiguan, a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The Tiguan is one of the best selling SUVs globally, selling more than 900,000 units in 2019, and over six million to date. Unfortunately for customers in North America, the VW Tiguan PHEV is only available for the European market. A plug-in version of the longer wheelbase VW Tiguan L-GTE is available in China since 2019.

The Tiguan eHybrid is equipped with a 13kWh battery, which delivers a WLTP range of 50km (31 miles). The 85kW (114hp) electric motor allows a zero-emission top speed of 130km/h (81mph). The total system power output is 180 kW ( 241 hp ).

The VW Tiguan eHybrid PHEV comes with the VW Travel Assist advanced driving assistance system, allowing for assisted driving at speeds up to 210km/h. Other technology improvements in the new model are the third generation MIB3 modular infotainment matrix, offering online connectivity, and Tiguan’s new IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights. A 480-watt sound system by audio specialist Harman Kardon is available as an optional extra.
No pricing for the Tiguan eHybrid is available yet, and sales in Europe are expected to start in the latter part of 2020.

VW Tiguan eHybrid PHEV pictures


It has been quite an active week as we some EV newbies bringing their first models to market and existing brands upgrading older models or showcasing new models. Newbies Mapel Auto and Skywell introduced their first models this week, while Great Wall’s ORA and SEAT lifted the veil on new models. SAIC MG brought a new version of an older model to market.

SAIC MG listed the 2020 MG 6 PHEV on the 10th of July. The MG 6 plug-in hybrid has been around since 2017, with the new version being the second generation. The 2020 MG 6 PHEV is equipped with a 1.5T engine and permanent magnet synchronous motor, and a 10-speed EDU intelligent electric drive gearbox. The latest version is 9mm longer than the 2019 model and is equipped with an active liquid-cooled battery pack that delivers a pure electric range of 70km. The combined fuel consumption of the MG6 is only 1.1L/100km.

SAIC MG6 phev 2020 pictures

SEAT held a press conference confirming the 2021 launch of the SEAT Cupra el-Born and released some electric car images, which is based on the VW ID3. The Spanish company revealed limited information on the el-Born, which was first introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2019. The el-Born is fired with an 82kWh battery pack with a nominal capacity of 77kWh, which will provide a range of 500km / 313mi. With the exclusively developed DCC Sport package, the el-Born can accelerate to 50km/h in 2.9 seconds. The e-Born will be assembled at the Zwickau plant.

SEAT Cupra El Born pictures

Great Wall’s ORA brand listed the production version of the R2 Concept EV unveiled in 2018. The ORA R2 is listed as the ORA Baimoa, which means “White Cat.” The Baimoa was designed by the Great Wall Japan Technology Research Corporation Yokohama styling room, with the from resembling the face of a cat. The ORA Baimoa is available in two range and power versions. See the available specs here on the model page.

Ora R2 Baimao WHite cat ev images

EV newbie Skywell is opening the order book for the ET5 on the 18th of July. The mid-sized SUV has a range of 500km / 313mi. The only other information we know now is that the car is 4700mm long and has a wheelbase of 2800mm, and the battery has an energy density of 170Wh/kg.

Tianmei Skywell ET5 EV SUV Pictures

Maple Auto launched its first EV the Maple 30x small SUV at a starting price of 68,800 yuan after subsidies. The 30x is based on the Geely Vision X3. The electric motor of the Maple 30x produces 70kW power and generate 180N.m torque. Performance-wise the 30x has a top speed of 120km/h and accelerates to 50km/h in 4.5 seconds. The 160Wh/kg has a range of 306km / 191mi.

Maple Auto 30x ev pictures


Hyundai shipped the first ten from a consignment of fifty units of its Fuel Cell 36ton heavy-duty truck to Switzerland. The South Korean manufacturer is planning to produce 1600 units of the XCIENT by 2025. The XCIENT can travel 400km / 247mi on a single charge with its 190kW hydrogen fuel cell system. Hyundai is also busy developing a 1000km tractor unit.

Hyundai XCIENT FCEV Truck pictures


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