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German EV start-up unveiled its Sono solar electric vehicle the Sion on the same day as the launching of the Tesla Model 3. The Sion’s lightweight design is made up of rust-proof and scratch proof polycarbonate. The unique feature in the bodywork is the solar cells, which embedded in the roof, on both sides as on the hood and the rear. Chinese solar PV company, Hanergy was the first to present a replica of a solar EV but bogged by financial difficulties failed to bring it to market making Sono the first company to go a step further. Sono Motors kicked off a crowdfunding campaign with Test Drive events in Europe late 2017.

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2017 Week 30 German solar EV start-up unveils solar EV

A German start-up Sono Motors unveiled its Solar EV, the Sion. The Sion has a range of  250km plus integrated solar that will provide a further 30km per day. The Sion is available for pre-order starting at €500 but only expected for release in 2019. The price for the Sion is set at €16,000 and excludes the battery which could either be leased or purchased at present value price of around €4,000. Production of the Sion is funded through a crowdfunding campaign commencing on the 18th of August 2017 with test-drive events around Europe through to October 2017 to be held in 11 cities in 7 countries.


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