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The Xpeng G3 EV SUV is based on the Xiaopeng’s Xpeng Identity X internet car concept. The Xpeng Identity X EV has autonomous capability, developed incrementally from L2 to L3 and ultimately L4. The first beta model had nine cameras and 12 ultrasonic radar sensors. The Xiaopeng Identity X was first introduced in September 2016 with an updated beta version in May 2017. Xiaopeng developed 100 pilot vehicles in conjunction with Haima by the end of 2017.

XPENG unveiled the Identity X at the CES 2018 in January 2018. The G3 is available to the public from the spring of 2018. The Xpeng G3 price was set at the launch event in April 2018 and starts at ¥200,000 to ¥280,00 after subsidy for the different options.

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Xpeng g3 specs Brand Xpeng Model XPENG G3 Fuel_Type BEV Chinese Name <span style="font-size: 1em;">小鹏汽车G3</span><br><div>小鹏IDENTY X<span style="font-size: 1em;"><br></span></div> Model Code HMA7002S60BEV Batch 0 Battery Capacity kWh 44 Energy Density Wh/kg 144.74 Battery Electric Range - at constant 38mph 0 Battery Electric Range - at constant 60km/h 0 Battery Electric Range - NEDC km 320 Battery Electric Range - NEDC Mi 200 Battery Electric Range - EPA Mi 0 Battery Electric Range - EPA km 0 Electric Top Speed - mph 106.25 Electric Top Speed - km/h 170 Acceleration 0 - 100km/h sec 0 Onboard Charger kW 0 LV 2 Charge Time (Hours) 0 LV 3 Charge Time (min to 80%) 0 Energy Consumption kWh/100km 14.8 Max Power - hp (Electric Max) 190 Max Power - kW (Electric Max) 140 CHINA MSRP (before incentives & destination) US MSRP (before incentives & destination) 0 MSRP after incentives 200000 Lenght (mm) 4470 Width (mm) 1818 Height (mm) 1600 Wheelbase (mm) 2610 Lenght (inc) 175.8364347 Width (inc) 71.51468418 Height (inc) 62.939216 Wheelbase (inc) 102.6695961 Curb Weight (kg) 1472



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Week 43 2018 - XPENG G3 EV available on pre-order

XPENG is to launch the XPENG G3 at the Guangzhou Auto Show held from the 16th of November 2018 for delivery by the end of the year. The G3 now available on pre-order for a non-refundable ¥10,000. Not only will pre-ordering clients receive priority delivery XPENG will also unlock some exclusive privileges such as free charging for four years or 100,000km (62,000 miles) at any one of the EV start-up’s 1,000 fast charging stations or 100,000 third party charging points, lifetime warranty and a personalized commemorative logo.


Week 17 2018 - XPENG G3 EV launched



Xiaopeng Motors launched the XPeng G3 internet car at a launch event by the company this week. The Xpeng G3 EV launch price is set at between ¥200,000 and ¥280,000. The Xpeng G3 is almost identical to the Xpeng Identity Concept introduced at the 2018 CES.


Week 1 2018 - CES TEASERS


The Consumer Electronics Show, which in recent years have been used by carmakers to present their latest technology as the lines between the two sectors fades. Some autonomous and electric cars are expected to be unveiled at this years CES in Las Vegas. The 2018 CES opens today, Sunday the 7th of January, and runs to Friday the 12th of January.

The Alibaba backed XPENG Motors will present the XPENG Identity X to the US market. The XPENG Identity X is an “internet car” or ‘connected-car” and is already delivering its first 1,000 units built at Haima‘s plant according to a corporation agreement entered into between the companies to help XPENG bridge the gap to the opening of its 50,000 unit plant in 2019.


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