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Atieva is one of the new kids on the block in the Auto manufacturing sector. Before Tesla, it was unfound of to think that any auto manufacturer can be from Silicone Value, but now Atieva joins the ranks of so many newcomers in the space that hails from the tech industry. The founders have their roots in Tesla and Oracle. Initially, Atieva focussed on developing battery systems for various electric vehicle powertrains but had a vision of designing the ultimate vehicle from the ground up. The company unveiled its prototype powertrain named Edna in 2016. See Edna break the 0 – 100 1/4 mile in under 3 seconds in the video below uploaded by the company in August 2016. The company changed its name to Lucid Motors in October 2016.

Lucid Motors electric vehicles program aimed to develop a platform which will include 900 horsepower, far more than any Tesla to date. Atieva has a target 0-60 time of 2.7 seconds for its production car, 0.1s faster than the most powerful Tesla. Testing of the platform commenced in early 2016. Atieva’s test vehicle Edna was the platform bolted on a Mercedes Van. Edna had a battery capacity of 87kWh.






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2017 Week 5 - Lucid AIr price released

Lucid Motors this week placed a shot across the bow of luxury automakers such as Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and even Tesla by announcing the pricing for the Lucid Air. The San-Francisco based startup introduced a starting price for the base model at $60,000 before Federal and State incentives. Read wattEV2Buy’s blog post on the press release to see what is included in the competitive pricing.

2017 Week 5 - Lucid AIr video footage revealed

California-based Lucid Motors this week released video footage of its winter testing of the Lucid Air, unveiled in December 2016. Lucid Motors, previously known as Atieva, is one of the more exciting electric vehicle brands to enter the sector in recent years and sports its own drivetrain and battery technologies. The automaker tested its prototype vehicle’s dynamics and braking system in the sub-zero temperatures of Minnesota. The Lucid Air’s drive train handled the low friction surfaces consisting of packed snow and polished ice extremely well as evident from the video below.

2016 Week 49 - Strategic Partnership with Samsung SDI

Lucid Motors, the newly branded automaker from Silicon Valley, previously know as Atieva, and Samsung SDI entered into a strategic partnership on creating a next generation lithium-ion battery cell, focussing on improving the energy density and lifespan associated with damage caused by fast charging. Lucid’s Director of Battery Technology, Dr. Alber Lui said: “I have been very pleased with the results of the collaboration with Samsung SDI in developing a cell chemistry that meets our stringent standards.”

2016 Week 48 - Lucid Motors Assembly plant planned

Lucid Motors, the Californian based electric vehicle company formed out of the battery and drive train developer Atieva, announced that it would build its assembly plant in Casa Grande, Phoenix, Arizona and expects production from the plant in 2018.

2016 Week 42 - Lucid Motors

The San Francisco-based Atieva, the producer of electric drivetrains and battery systems, has changed its name to Lucid Motors and unveiled teasers of its new electric vehicle. The company’s prototype drivetrain, Edna, built into a Mercedes Van provided entertaining videos pulling away from BMW i8 and Dodge Viper on a quarter mile. Teaser images on the company’s website indicate that the new vehicle will include autonomous driving and offer comfort and space in a midsize platform.

2016 Week 31 - Speed test

The San Francisco-based startup, Atieva this week posted the results of the latest test of its drivetrain, breaking the 1/4 mile 0 – 60 in under 3 seconds. The company uploaded a video of EDNA, its drivetrain built into a Mercedes Van beating a Dodge Viper and a BMW i8.


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