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One of the fathers of the modern electric vehicle, the Danish designer and founder of Fisker Automotive, and the only real contender to Tesla in its beginning years, Henry Fisker has announced his return to the Electric Vehicle market. The new venture is named Fisker Inc. Fisker Inc electric vehicles will leverage its knowledge and the improvement in EV technology to bring an advanced high-end vehicle and a mass market car to life. The launch date for the all-electric premium model is set for the second half of 2017 with an expected range of 400 miles. The first model, the EMotion pictured below, is a premium electric vehicle and will compete with the Tesla Model S. The company intends to bring a contender for the Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Boltthereafter.

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Fisker Inc Electric Car Strategy in the news

2019 Week 12 Fisker announces electric SUV

Electric vehicle legend, Henry Fisker, announced the planned release of a sub $40,000 electric SUV. The Fisker SUV will be revealed at the end of 2019 and available in the second half of 2021.

2018 Week 1 Fisker to unveil production ready eMotion

The Consumer Electronics Show, which in recent years have been used by carmakers to present their latest technology as the lines between the two sectors fades. Some autonomous and electric cars are expected to be unveiled at this years CES in Las Vegas. The 2018 CES opens today, Sunday the 7th of January, and runs to Friday the 12th of January.

Fisker Inc. will unveil its production-ready Fisker eMotion which it intends to bring to market in 2019. Henry Fisker, one of the fathers of the modern day electric vehicle teased some images this week of the eMotion to be showcased at this years CES. Fisker Inc will also present its solid state battery technology which it says will revolutionize electric cars.

2017 Week 49 Fisker partners to develop autonomous shuttle

One of the fathers of the modern day EV and prominent Chinese entrepreneur, Wang Qicheng (Jack Wong) brought their companies together to develop new mobility trends and the elevation of integrated smart city concepts. Fisker Inc and Hakin Unique Group this week unveiled an electric autonomous shuttle, the Fisker Orbit, which will be delivered by Fisker from the end of 2018. 

Fisker Inc. and Hakim Unique Group will co-develop the autonomous shuttle ‘Fisker Orbit,’ in which Fisker Inc. will be responsible for technology development and product design, while Hakim Unique Group will be responsible for marketing and operation in China/Asia.

2017 Week 23 EV Pioneer Fisker teases EMotion

Henry Fisker, the EV pioneer behind “Tesla killed” (as opposed to Tesla killer) Fisker Karma this week, unveiled the design specification for its 2019 production vehicle the Fisker EMotion. The Fisker EMotion is expected to have a range of 400miles and a top speed of 161mph. The vehicle employs proprietary charging technology, the UltraCharger, that charges 100miles in 9 minutes. The vehicle is equipped with LIDAR autonomous hardware.

Fisker will employ the same direct sales strategy as Tesla and service through “The Hybrid Shop,” an initiative with THS. THS is a specialty EV servicing company with 36 service centers in North America, targeting 400 globally by 2019. The company will release more information during the month of June and pre-ordering will open from June the 30th. 

2016 Week 40 Relaunch of Henry Fisker's dream

From the press release 4 October 2016 – “Henrik Fisker, entrepreneur and world-renowned automotive designer, founder of Fisker Automotive in 2007, and creator of the 2012 Fisker Karma, the world’s first premium electric car with a range extender, today announced the relaunch of his eponymous company, Fisker Inc., and the development of a new, all-electric premium vehicle featuring a battery technology that will deliver the world’s longest electric range of any production car previously developed.”


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