Workhorse Electric Vehicles

Workhorse, founded in 2007 as AMP Electric Vehicles is the largest supplier of Step Vans to customers such as UPS. The company started by experimenting with adding batteries to two-seater roadsters, very much at the same time as Tesla with the Tesla Roadster. In 2010 the company started an agreement with Navistar the repower 1,000 cubic feet commercial step vans. The company is listed on the NASDAQ since 2010.

The company’s base is in Ohio and its major products are the electric step vans, the electric pickup, and autonomous delivery drones.

Workhorse Concept EV Models

Workhorse Electric Car Strategy in the news

2018 Week 9 UPS Commissions 50 EV trucks from Workhorse

Recently UPS, the delivery company, changed its procurement rules so that it will acquire one in four vehicles based on alternative fuel or advanced vehicle technology from 2020. Currently, UPS deploys around 35,000 diesel or gasoline trucks. This week UPS commissioned Ohio based Workhorse to develop 50 zero-emission electric trucks which the company is to custom design, concluding a 4-year innovation project between the two companies.

Each truck will have a range of approximately 100 miles between charges, ideal for delivery routes in and around cities. The class 5, zero-emission delivery trucks will rely on a cab-forward design, which optimizes the driver compartment and cargo area, increasing efficiency and reducing vehicle weight.

Once the pilot of the Workhorse truck is successfully concluded it will be included in UPS’s Rolling Lab, a fleet of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles which already include 300 electric vehicles in the US and Europe. In 2017 UPS was one of the first fleet owners to order 125 Tesla Semi‘s and will be the first company in the USA to use the Fuso eCanter with the delivery of three units later this year.


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