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The Workhorse W-15 electric vehicle is a double cab pickup sporting a 7.2kw power export that allows tools to be plugged directly into the battery power source without the vehicle running. The Workhorse W-15 is a range-extended electric vehicle and includes luxuries such as touchscreen controls, lane departure warning, and automatic braking. The W-15 is a proof of concept unveiled in May 2017 as a precursor to a potential production version available in 2018.


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WORKHORSE W-15 specs 2018 Battery Chemistry Panasonic 18650 Battery Capacity kWh 60 Battery Nominal rating kWh 40 Battery Manufacturer Panasonic Battery Warranty - years Battery Electric Range - EPA Mi 80 Battery Electric Range - EPA km 128 Electric Top Speed - mph Electric Top Speed - km/h Acceleration 0 - 60mph sec 5.5 LV 1 Charge kW LV 1 Charge Time (Hours) LV 2 Charge kW LV 2 Charge Time (Hours) LV 3 CCS/Combo kW LV 3 Charge Time (min to 70%) Charge Connector MPGe Combined - miles 75 MPGe Combined - km 120 MPGe City - miles MPGe City - km MPGe Highway - miles MPGe Highway - km Max Power - hp (Electric Max) 460 Max Power - kW (Electric Max) 344 Max Torque - lb.ft (Electric Max) Max Torque - N.m (Electric Max) Electric Motor 2 Electric Motor Output hp 230 Electric Motor Output kW 172 Transmission All wheel drive MSRP (before incentives & destination) $52,000 Combustion Extended Range - mile 310 Extended Range - km 496 ICE Max Power - hp ICE Max Power - kW ICE Max Torque - lb.ft ICE Max Torque - N.m ICE Top speed - mph ICE Top speed - km/h ICE Acceleration 0 - 50km/h sec ICE Acceleration 0 - 62mph sec ICE MPGe Combined - miles ICE MPGe Combined - km ICE MPGe City - miles 32 ICE MPGe City - km 51 ICE MPGe Highway - miles 28 ICE MPGe Highway - km 82 ICE Transmission ICE Fuel Consumption l/100km ICE Emission Rating ICE Emissions CO2/mi grams ICE Emissions CO2/km grams 45 Total System Max Power - hp Max Power - kW Max Torque - lb.ft Max Torque - N.m Vehicle Doors 4 Seating 5 Dimensions GVWR (lbs) 7200 Payload Capacity (lbs) 2200 Towing Capacity (lbs) 5000 Wheelbase (inc) 143 Ground Clearance (inc) 12 Lenght (mm) 5949 Width (mm) 2034 Height (mm) 1879 Wheelbase (mm) 3635 Lenght (inc) 234 Width (inc) 80 Height (inc) 73.9 Wheelbase (inc) 143 Other Power Outlet kW 7.2 Power Outlet Amps 30



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2017 Week 19 - Workhorse competitor teased

While most auto companies are trying to play catch up with Tesla, pinning their hopes on producing a luxury electric SUV. While the auto companies race to capitalize on the popular vehicle class to carve out a lead in the sector, a huge gap is open in the form of electric SUTs (Sports Utility Trucks). Now history is repeating itself with start-ups rushing to fill the gap. This week Bollinger Motors, started in 2015 in Hobart NY State USA teased the Bollinger SUT. The tease in the form of a picture of the interior cabin follows on a rendering earlier this year of the outside reflection of the pickup. The company is taking $1,000 refundable deposits to secure a SUT that could be configured to your use requirements. Bollinger plans to unveil the vehicle by July 2017. The powertrain is said to be revolutionary. Last week Workhorse unveiled its W15 concept range extended electric pickup truck. The Workhorse W-15, by the Ohio-based company with the same name, is set to sell for $52,000 and have a 60kWh (40kWh nominal rated) battery pack, promising a range of 320 miles.

2017 Week 18 - Workhorse W 15 revealed at ACT Expo

The Ohio-based, Nasdaq-listed company revealed it electric pickup concept vehicle at the ACT Expo in Long Beach California.


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