Open Motors Electric Vehicles

OSVehicles changed its name to Open Motors on the 8th of December 2017 on its 4th Anniversary.

Looking to develop your electric vehicle? Yes, you can, with the Italian OSVehicle modular electric vehicle platform providing an open source hardware platform from as little as $12,000. Add to that George Hotz’s self-driving car kit which he plans to market through his company at a price of $1,000, and you can build your own “ai-chauffeur” driven zero-emission vehicle. The ability to use open source technology will lower the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike, providing further disruption to the auto industry. The Tabby EVO Modular EV platform could be assembled in one hour.

In early 2017 OSVehicle was acquired by GM for $1 billion. The companies partnered around EDIT, a modular platform for autonomous vehicles.

OSVehicle and Renault partnered in 2017 to create an open source vehicle based on the Renault Twizy. The project was introduced at the 2017 CES and is named POM (Platform Open Mind) being the world’s first open source mass-market vehicle platform.

POM is available to start-ups, independent laboratories, hobbyists, and researchers, allowing them to customize the software and driving experience.

Below are a couple of DIY electric car projects based on the OSVehicle Modular Electric Vehicle Platform.

Open Motors Concept EV Models

Open Motors Self-driving Models

Open Motors Electric Car Strategy in the news

2017 Week 13 GM acquires OSVehicle

GM acquired its second Y Incubator company, the Italian based OSVehicle, for $1.1 billion in a bid to develop a self-driving “Vehicle-as-a -Service” (VaaS).

GM aims to use OSVehicle to develop its EDIT modular self-driving car based on theChevy BoltM1 platform. The decision was influenced by the ability of modular platforms to extend the lifespan of heavy use vehicles, such as ride sharing and hailing applications.OSVehicle‘s Yuki and Tin Hang Liu claim that through the use of modular architecture, car fleets can last ten times longer by enabling seamless hardware upgrades of self-driving and connected car technologies.

The current rush for electric car technology,autonomous vehicletechnology, and mobility solutions has created a number of billion-dollar transactions as automakers try and gain an edge over competitors. GM’s other recent investments include a strategic move into “Mobility as a Service” by investing $500 million intoUbercompetitor Lyft and autonomous vehicle company,Cruise Automation. GM also launched its own car sharing service, Maven.


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