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GM buys OSVehicle in rush for electric car technology

Today GM acquired its second Y Incubator company, the Italian based OSVehicle, for $1.1 billion in a bid to develop a self-driving “Vehicle-as-a -Service” (VaaS).

OSVehicle provides an open-source platform to hobbyists and other start-ups. Customers can have a full EV platform, the Tabby EVO, shipped between $12,500 and $19,500. OSVehicle claim start-ups can save $2 million and 3-years in Research and Development by going the open-source route. The open-source platform enables for larger disruption in mobility options using electric vehicles. Imagine adding George Hotz’s self-driving car kit which he plans to market through his company comma.ai at a price of $1,000, and you can build your own “ai-chauffeur” driven zero emission vehicle.

GM aims to use OSVehicle to develop its EDIT modular self-driving car based on the Chevy Bolt M1 platform. The decision was influenced by the ability of modular platforms to extend the lifespan of heavy use vehicles, such as ride sharing and hailing applications. OSVehicle‘s Yuki and Tin Hang Liu claim that through the use of modular architecture, car fleets can last ten times longer by enabling seamless hardware upgrades of self-driving and connected car technologies.

The current rush for electric car technology, autonomous vehicle technology, and mobility solutions has created some billion dollar transactions as automakers try and gain an edge over competitors. GM’s other recent investments include a strategic move into “Mobility as a Service” by investing $500 million into Uber competitor Lyft and autonomous vehicle company, Cruise Automation. GM also launched its own car sharing service, Maven.

Below are a few of the projects already developed on OSVehicle DIY electric vehicle platform. Please comment on what applications you would include in your own electric vehicle.

GM buys OSVehicle in rush for electric car technology

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