Yudo Electric Vehicles

Yudo Auto electric vehicles strategy is to produce affordable pure electric SUVs and aims to be a first-class brand in 5 years and international presence in 10 years. Yudo New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd, known in China as Yundu which means cloud was formed on 4 December 2015 as a joint venture between Fujian Hayyuan Automotive Machinery Co., Ltd, Fujian Motor Industry Group (Fuqi) and the Putian City municipalities investment company. Yudo Auto’s operations are headquartered in Putian City, Fujian Province and have a capacity of 80,000 units per anum. The company, which has a tagline of “creating for change”, also established a Europe Design Center in Milan Italy. Yudo Auto plans to open 500 dealerships by 2020, starting with this 110 in 2017.

Yudo Auto launched its Gemini Strategy, consisting of 2 pure EV SUVs at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2017, the Yudo π 1 (Pi 1), a small SUV with a city and intercity variant, the mid-sized Yudo π3 SUV (Pi 3). The automaker also introduced is future vision concept the Yudo X π concept SUV(X Pi), a mid-sized crossover SUV expected for the Chinese market in 2019. Yudo is one of only fourteen auto manufacturers that received a production certificate by May 2017 to produce new energy vehicles as per the new regulations by the Chinese Government to ensure the sustainability of its goal to dominate the international electric vehicle sector. The company is also said to work on two other pure SUV products, an A-class SUV code-named B101 and A00-class SUV code-named B201. The flagship Yudo π3 (codename A301) and the two π1 variants will be on sale in China late 2017. The company also plans a C-Class crossover by 2020.

Yudo Pure Electric Models

Yudo Concept EV Models

Yudo Electric Car Strategy in the news

Week 6 2017 Yudo gets it EV production certificate

Yudo New Energy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd., a startup dedicated to the manufacturing of pure electric passenger vehicles, has received the production license from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), only the 10th company to do so since the requirement was set by the Chinese government to regulate the fast-growing EV market.


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