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wattEV2buy explores the XOS electric truck strategy. List XOS electric truck models, previously known as Thor, news, and sales as it vies for a position in the fast-growing EV market. XOS Trucks is an 18 people strong Los Angeles based start-up and call itself a transportation lab creating and deploying solutions to fleet owners. Engineers at the company hail from Faraday Future, BYD, and Boeing. XOS Trucks unveiled its first product the XOS ET-One semi in December 2017 which it hopes to bring to market before the Tesla Semi in 2019.

XOS Concept EV Models

XOS Electric Car Strategy in the news

2017 Week 51 Thor, now XOS, unveils it’s EV truck

In the same week that Daimler starts delivering its all-electric delivery truck in Europe, the Fuso eCanter, and Pepsi committing to 100 units of the Tesla Semi two companies introduced their solutions for the transport sector.

California based start-up Thor introduced the ET-One 80,000 pound hauler with a 300-mile range. The ET-One is available in powertrain options ranging from 300hp to 700hp and potentially in a 100-mile short range version. Thor claims the ET-One is 60% cheaper to maintain while fuel cost is reduced 70%. Thor aims to beat Tesla to market before 2019 and selling for $150k which is the bottom end of the range announced by Tesla for the Semi.


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