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2017 Week 51 Isuzu reveals N Series Specs

Last year Isuzu unveiled its N Series electric truck, late December the Japanese automaker announced that it intends to launch the light delivery truck based on its Elf range by the end of the year in answer to the Fuso eCanter. The Isuzu electric LDV will have a range of 100km and two 40kWh lithium batteries. The batteries are located between the right front and rear wheels and between the left front and rear wheels, respectively. and is for powering the vehicle and cold-storage. The small truck has a maximum loading capacity is 3,000kg.

2017 Week 43 Electric N Series in 2018

There has been much focus the past weeks on electric commercial vehicles as automakers try an carve out a niche in new electric vehicle markets and benefit from the growing push to dispense with diesel and gasoline vehicles.

Isuzu, a latecomer to the EV race, unveiled an electrified version of its midsize N-Series light-duty truck at the Tokyo Auto Show. The Isuzu electric truck will be ideal for short-haul deliveries and services such as garbage collection. The e-truck will enter the market in 2018 and Isuzu will target the pricing so that operators can recoup upfront costs between three and five years according to the Nikkei Asian Review. The Isuzu electric truck will deliver a 100km range per hour of charge time.


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