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wattEV2buy explores the DEARCC electric car strategy. List DEARCC EV models, news, and sales as it vies for a position in the fast-growing EV market.

EV-startup DEARCC was established in 2015 and to date one of the few EV start-ups in China with relatively decent sales. Dearcc started out as one of LeTV’s incubator projects. The company’s first EV was the Zhi Ma E30, a collaboration with Zotye followed by the Dearcc E10 in 2017 and E10 300Pro in 2018. DEARCC has sold 3,500 units in the first six months of launching the DEARCC EV10. The company is headquartered in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province and distributes its vehicles through its brand experience centers such as the one pictured here. DEARCC dealership network reaches 30 cities through 60 dealers.

Dearcc Marque EV brands

Dearcc Pure Electric Models

Dearcc Electric Car Strategy in the news

Week 31 2018 DEARCC launches its luxury brand

Dearcc launched its luxury brand in Beijing on the 31st of July 2018. The brand named ENOVATE is expected to unveil its first EV, an SUV in October 2018.

Week 30 2018 DEARCC A-Round Funding

Shaoxing based EV start-up DEARCC announced that it closed pre-funding for its RMB2 billion funding round. DEARCC will use the funding for R&D, assembly infrastructure and establish its high-end EV brand to be launched at the end of July 2018. The new brand will launch its B-Class SUV EV later this year for delivery in H1 2019. According to Gasgoo potential names for the new brand are Expecta, Ainsight, Telent, Explor, and Azure.

Week 17 2018 DEARCC unveils an upgrade to the E10 mini EV

Dearcc unveiled its updated E10 mini EV at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show this week. The updated Dearcc E10 range is improved by 115km.


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