EV-GENIUS electric car classifieds

Our EV classifieds section, EV-Genius, is a marketplace exclusively designed for Electric Vehicles. EVs are not combustion vehicles and shouldn’t be sold the same way. EV-Genius is an uncluttered easy way to find the best EV for your needs.

Car dealers can download the EV-Genius app to easily load and share their EV stock on the website and their social media feeds. Prospective EV buyers can go to EV-Genius and find the best EV for their needs.

Looking to Buy a used Electric Car?

Our Used EV Guide helps you find the best 2nd Hand Electric Vehicle.

Looking to Buy a used Electric Car? wattEV2buy’s Used EV Guide helps you find the best 2nd Hand Electric Vehicle for your requirements. Used electric cars are one of the most popular and fast moving segments in the used car market and a cheap way to buy your first electric vehicle.

Using these handy tools will guide you in your EV buying experience.

Looking for reliable advice? We ally your concerns and dispell miss information by the media and salespeople by unpacking the Top 10 concerns related to EVs by first-time buyers.

Not sure where your preferred EV ranks concerning price, range, and efficiency? We rank all EVs in your market according to price, range, and efficiency.

Used Tesla models are the most sought after 2nd hand electric cars and perform the best regarding resale value, but all the different models out there can be confusing. We created a timeline of all the Tesla Model S variants with market-related prices to help you decide on a used Model S.

What will your EV cost to charge at home? Dealers and manufacturers provide average charging cost; we personalized our EV cost calculator so you can correctly determine the charging cost according to your utility’s kWh rate. Want to game the system? If your utility charge for electricity according to a Time of Use scale (TOU) you can enter the various rates to determine the best time for charging your EV. Compare your EV charge cost to that of combustion vehicles so you can brag to your ICE buddies on how much you save.


We have designed some cool tools to compare electric vehicles. Our tools include a mobile app, charging cost calculator and EV selector. Use wattEV2Buy’s proprietary tools to find the ideal EV for your requirements and determine the cost of charging EVs.