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2020 Week 18 Lexus launches electric Lexus 300e Crossover in China

Lexus launched its first electric vehicle, the Lexus UX300e, compact SUV with a range of 400km (250 miles) as measured on the NEDC cycle. The UX300e is available in two trims priced from 36.2 to 38.5 million yuan ($54,000 to $58,000). The Lexus UX300e is only destined for the European market in 2021.

Lexus offers various financing plans with the UX300e, where customers can buy the electric crossover from 5,000 yuan ($750) per month. Lexus provides a 6-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty and maintenance, an 8-year or 200,000-kilometer warranty on the power system, and Lexus Customer Service Center 24/7 service. Customers can also purchase exclusive household charging equipment, e-LEXUS CLUB APP charging, exclusive reception counters for electric vehicle owners, exclusive maintenance centers later Lexus aims to offer a Lexus branded charging network. Interestingly enough, previous reports claimed Lexus would provide a ten year or one million kilometer battery warranty. It now seems this promise only applies to the European model since the Chinese version only comes with an 8 year 200,000 km warranty.

The drag coefficient of the UX300e is Cd 0.31, which is on the high side compared to other SUVs. To put the claim in perspective, the NIO EC6 has a drag coefficient of Cd 0.27, the Weima EX5 Cd 0.30, and the Tesla Model X Cd 0.24. The ground clearance is 5mm higher than the hybrid version of UX, but the other dimensions have remained the same. The interior of the car also has no significant changes form the UX Hybrid. For detailed specs and comparisons, go to the model page here.


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