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CH-Auto Technology founded in 2010, the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer branded as Qiantu Qiche (前途汽车), meaning Future Auto in 2015. The 50,000 unit production facility is being built in Suzhou; construction started in February 2016. The production company is branded as. The company designed its battery and drive train technologies and is headquartered in Beijing. Qiantu Motors unveiled its first vehicles, the Hong Xie, a roadster, and predecessor to the Qiantu K50 Event! and the Tianzhi minicar during the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. The company plans to build six models over the next five years. Qiantu is setting its sights on the USA market and compete directly with Tesla through the introduction of a mass market Electric Vehicle.

Qiantu Pure Electric Models

Future Qiantu Electric vehicles

Qiantu Concept EV Models

Qiantu Electric Car Strategy in the news

2018 Week 38 Qiantu strategy update

After the launch of its first production car this month Chinese EV start-up Qiantu Motor opened up on its future EV plans which will be developed around its three platforms. In April Qiantu showcased the three platforms through the Concept 1, K2 and K50 at the 2018 Auto China Show. This week Qiantu’s chairman Lu Qun explained the production plans for the three platforms:

  • Mid-full size passenger vehicle platform –  Qiantu Concept 1 – 3 new models
  • Small-sized passenger vehicle platform – K2 Concept – 5 new models
  • High-performance platform – K50 and one or two other models.

The EV models will range in price from as low as RMB 10k to RMB 500k. A production version of the K2 is planned to follow the K50 while the Concept 1 is aimed at the Tesla Model S.

2018 Week 17 Qiantu at 2018 Auto China

Qiantu unveiled two new Concept EVs and announces the K50 production version, to enter the market in H2 2018.


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