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wattEV2buy explore the Leapmotor autonomous electric car strategy, & list the Leapmotor EV models, news, & sales as it vies for a position in the EV market. The Zheijing based Leapmotor was founded in 2015 supported by funding from Dahua Technology who contributed a major portion of the 2.5 billion yuan funding. Leapmotor focuses on the development of intelligent and connected electric vehicles. The company unveiled its first EV the LP-S01 Coupe in November 2017 and plans to bring a production model to market in H2 2019. The company is also working on an electric SUV. The Leapmotor electric car strategy aims to produce 250,000 EVs per annum starting with 10,000 units of the S01 in 2019. Phase one of the EV-start-ups plant will be completed in Q3 2018

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Week 36 2018 Leapmotor and EV Power signs co-operation agreement

The EV start-up Leapmotor and Chinese EV charging operator EV Power entered into a co-operation agreement whereby EV Power will open its charging network and payment system to Leapmotor. The two companies will also explore other opportunities in the EV ecosystem such as vehicle finance and management. EV Power currently has around 8,000 charging points at 2,000 stations and plans to extend its network to 40 Chinese cities in the near future.


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