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wattEV2buy explores the iEV electric car strategy and list the iEV EV models, news, and sales as it vies for a position in the growing EV market.

The German company based in Dusseldorf Germany is re-imagining mobility. Designed around the iEV1 X Series Flexible Robotic Platform where the size and capacity of the vehicle increases/decreases in a few seconds while being fully robotic. The iEV process started in 2011 and is protected by two EU patents covering the iEV Robotic Charging Station), and iEV ROBOT. iEV hopes to ship its first vehicles in May 2019.

The iEV is the Smallest Intelligent Electric Vehicles in the world due to its body and design which allows it to be the safest option in its category. The four-wheel iEV X Series can drive in motorbike or mobility line and is 6 to 7 times smaller than a car in part due to its fully retractable mirrors. Charging of the iEV is completely automatic and requires no plug-in if you take the robotics charging option. The company does not specify the cost of the installation of the system at your home or office. The iEV also comes with a solar charging system in the roof.

iEV is also developing a passenger car, the iEV Z which can carry four passengers. The expected completion of the iEV is set for 2020 at the latest. iEV is making some bold promises for the iEV Z, but it will also come at a huge price tag of €875,000. The iEZ has a range of 2000km (1250 miles) if you take the 120kWh battery with a 15kWh fuel cell system and Charge While in Motion “iEV CWM“ Technology.

Other projects at iEV include the six-wheel iEV Mars developed for use on the red planet and iEV 2 with its Robotic Exchange Battery system “iEV REBS“ system.

iEV Concept EV Models


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