The Faraday Future FF91 is billed by the automaker as a Tesla Killer and best in all aspects, from having the biggest reclining angle in its driver seat to being the fastest and most connected production car at the time of its unveiling at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. There are however the company’s reality and the alternative reality. Faraday Future expects the vehicle to be commercially available in 2018 and is taking pre-orders at a price of $5,000 for a reservation or alternatively for free. The company claims that it have received over 60,000 pre-orders in 36 hours, at an estimated price tag of nearly $300,000 it is highly unlikely that the pre-orders will equate to actual sales. While Faraday claims that the FF91 is a production car they have yet to produce a single unit as the two demo cars at CES were only Beta cars and the demonstration went horribly wrong.

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130kWh Lithium Battery from LG Chem

EV Range 378 mi / 605 km (Claimed EPA estimate)

EV Range 700km (NEDC Estimate)

Max Output 783kW / 1050hp

All Drive system with multi-motor setup

Acceleration 0 – 100km/h / 60mph in 2.39 seconds

Level 2 Charge 240V in 9 hours

Level 3 fast Charge 500miles per hour


Length 5,250mm / 206.7in

Width 2,283mm / 89.9in

Height 1,598mm / 62.9in

Wheelbase 3,200mm / 126in

Base Price C¥ under 2,000,000 or just under $300,000 – as per statements from company


2017 Week 1

Faraday Future unveils its FF91 at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The FF91 presented great gimmicks but Tesla Killer it ain’t. In all fairness, the company claims that the vehicle is a production model, but it yet has to deliver a single working version as the two cars presented to the media were only Beta versions. The company’s demonstration also went horribly wrong and removed the video of it and replaced it with an edited version. Fortunately the original has been downloaded by various media outlets for posterity. Follow the link for the alternative reality as opposed to the company’s reality below.

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