Based on the proposition that 90% of all light duty trips is done by one person only the Solo is designed with seating for only one. The Solo EV is available in 4 Colors Arctic White, electric red, Raven Black and Titanium Silver.  The company says it has 20,000 non-refundable deposits of $250. The company bills the Solo as the VW Beetle of the 21st Century (so does VW of the VW eUP).



8.64kWh – Lithium-Ion battery

e range 125mi / 200km

Single Seat

AC Synchronous Electric Motor

Power – 82hp

Torque –

Top Speed Governed to 75mi / 125km/h – real Top Speed 140mph / 220km/h

Level 1 Charging – 6 hours via 110V

Level 2 Charging – 3 hours via 220V

Length 120 inches

Curb Weight 450kg

Acceleration 0 – 100km/h in 8 seconds

MSRP excluding subsidies – $15,300 (Canadian$ 19,888)

The Solo is also offered as a lease priced at $75 on a bi-weekly basis.

2 Year Unlimited Warranty on battery

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