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Singapore based Vanda Electrics designed the D-1 in the mid-1990s, but only saw the light of day at the Geneva Auto Show in 2017 when Williams Advanced Engineering created the show car for the event. Dendrobium is a UK based auto start-up and aims to bring its hypercar to market in 2020 depending on interest.

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Week 40 2018 Dendrobium D-1 moves closer to reality

Dendrobium Automotive has moved a step closer to bringing the Williams engineered Dendrobium D1 EV hypercar to life signing agreements with the Australian company Magnis Resources and American Charge CCCV (aka C4V) to develop a new generation battery pack for the car. The joint development agreement makes provision for the companies to develop solid-state batteries, battery packaging solutions, hybrid systems, battery management software, and performance testing.


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