Citroën e MEHARI EV Convertible

The Citroen E Mehari introduced late 2015 and based on the Cactus M Concept unveiled in 2013 shares the powertrain of the Bollore Bluesummer which includes the Bollore LMP battery which provides higher energy density, safety and is waterproof.


Citroen Website


e Mehari

30kWh Lithium LMP battery supplied by Bollore

e range 125mi / 200km (NEDC) City

e Range 62mi / 100km (NEDC) Highway

Top Speed 110km/h

Accelerates 0 – 50km/h in 6.4 seconds

Level 1 Charging – 13 hours (10A)

Level 2 Charging – 8 hours (16A)

50kW Electric Motor

Transmission – 1 Speed fixed gear

MSRP  €25,000 ($28,000) price tag for France doesn’t include the battery pack which is an additional €79 ($88.34) per month

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