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This is what Bentley’s boss Adrian Hallmark told Top Gear in a recent interview basically confirming we are four to five years away from the launch of the first fully-electric car from Crewe. Range and price are obviously the biggest concerns for customers today, Hallmark acknowledged, and the batteries have to become better and more affordable before Bentley decides to jump on the EV bandwagon.

“Batteries are six times the price of an engine, and an engine is 20 percent the cost of a car,” Hallmark illustrated the current situation. “By 2025/26, with the known road map, we’ll be able to build a proper Bentley EV. The right wheelbase, right amount of occupants, the right size and shape.”

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Bentley Electric Car Strategy in the news

Week 45 2018 Bentley to intensify EV plan

The new CEO of Bentley wants a more aggressive electrification plan. Chief Executive Adrian Hallmark told Reuters that he wants Bentley cars to be more environmentally-friendly and presented a strategy  to achieve this to the  board earlier the year. Bentley which is a Volkswagen company since 2012 will be developed on the Audi/Porsche platform which is also the backbone of the new Porsche Taycan electric car.

On the presentation, Mr. Hallmark told Reuters, “It was taking stock of all the models, all the powertrains, all the future technologies that we needed to invest in and re-cut the plan to be more electrified than we were.” He went further indicating that the first electric Bentley will be here before 2025 but did not indicate which type of vehicle it will be.

Week 37 2017 Bentley announces EV for 2019

Bentley announced that its fifth model in its current line-up will be a medium-sized sports car and is expected in two years.


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