The race is on for bringing the first autonomous vehicle to production, with UBER, Apple, and Lyft/GM being the big names competing. Judging by the relative time already spent by the company on the development and the pace of recruitment at Google we anticipate that it would be first to bring a car to market sooner rather than later. The software driving the driverless car of Google is called Google Chauffeur, and since the car is yet to be named, we will call it Google Chauffeur for our purposes.


Google Chauffeur

Little is known about the self-driving car developed by Google X.

Initial reports say it has a top speed of 25mph / 40km/h and can see several 100 meters.


2016 Week 42 - Apple EV Strategy

1. Apple’s electric vehicle strategy for Project Titan has shifted in recent weeks, steering the company away from directly competing in developing electric cars. The company will focus more on software, specifically related to AI solutions for autonomous cars. Making Apple the first of the big Tech companies that joined the race to compete with Tesla to rather focus on their core strengths, than trying to enter the automobile sector. Others such Google has spent a huge amount of resources to enter the new market, but no production models have come from their efforts yet.

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