electric car Mobile-App



Load our fun and easy to use mobile app to find the best EV for your specific commute and price requirements. Interact with others in dedicated forums to find out more about your preferred vehicles. We moved away from the boring filters and cluttered pages associated with car finding sites. Just set your daily commute distance and price range, swipe right the cars you like.



At wattEv2buy we continuously strive to improve ourselves and as we grow and learn to provide a better experience to our users. The current Mobile App, which I first developed as a way to learn how to code and at the same time provide a fresh take on finding the best EV for its user will shortly be replaced by a new and much better experience where EV fundies can share their knowledge with newbies and earn some income at the same time (See extract from showcase below). In the meantime use the latest improved version of our EV-Select tool on our sister site EV-Genius.com to find the best EV for you and buy the future.