team trulli formula e racing

team trulli formula e racingteam trulli formula e racing

Team Trulli Formula E Racing

Driver Standings, Team & Car Info

Season 1Jarno TrulliMichela CerrutiVitantonio LiuzziAlex Fontana
Race 1Ret14
Race 217Ret
Race 3412
Race 4RetRet
Race 51516
Race 6Ret13
Race 711NC
Race 8199
Race 91817
Race 1015Ret
Race 11Ret14

Team Franchise

Team Trulli left the FIA Formula E Championship on 15 December 2015. The main driver behind the decision was cited to be technology and supply issues with its new season 2 electric racer.

Team Trulli Formula E Racing



Jarno Trulli, Italian. Born July 12 1971

Vitantonio Liuzzi, Italian. Born August 6 1981


Jarno Trulli – Founder

Lucio Cavuta – Team Principal

Motomatica JT-01 Race Car

100% Electric Single Seater

1 Hour Quick Charging Time from 128Amp three phase grid connection

200kW (270bhp) Max Power Electric Motor

Acceleration 0-100km/h in 4s

Top Speed 225km/h

Battery Weight 200kg

Battery voltage 600V


Season 2Jarno TrulliSalvador DuranVitantonio Liuzzi
Race 3
Race 4
Race 5
Race 6
Race 7
Race 8
Race 9
Race 10

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