Top 5 EV News Sono shows interior of Solar EV

By Wynand Goosen | Aug 29, 2019

Sono shows interior of Solar EV
Sono released images of the Sion Solar EV. Sono kept it simple with the interior of the €25,500 EV which includes a 10inch LED display and natural filter. The breSono natural filter, which is situated just below the screen improves the indoor climate. The five-seater solar EV has a place for five adults and total storage of 650liter or 1250 liters with seats down. The Sono Sion can also tow a trailer and has a towing capacity of 750kg and 5okg in the nose. The spacious interior provides comfortable seating with height adjustable seat belts and seat heating and is even big enough to overnight in or take an afternoon nap in nature. The Sono Sion is ideal for ride-sharing. Owners can use the goSono app to share energy, rides, and even the car.

The Sono Sion is produced with the help of NEVS in Trollhattan, Sweden and is available on pre-order for collection in 2021. The price for the Sion Solar EV is €16,000 on which the battery price of around €9,500 must be added. Sono will also provide a battery lease option. Pre-ordering the Sion is €500, and the company claimed to have over 10,000 orders already.