Top 5 EV News Base Version Audi E-tron is coming

By Wynand Goosen | Aug 01, 2019

Base Version Audi E-tron is coming
Audi announced in Germany that the base version of the E-Tron Quattro is coming to the European market shortly. The Audi E-tron 50 Quattro gets a smaller battery pack of 71kWh delivering a WLTP standard range of 300km (188miles). The lower specked E-tron 50 Quattro only reaches a top speed of 190km/h and accelerates to 100km/h in 7 seconds, nearly 1.5 seconds slower than the E-tron 55 Quattro due to a less powerful 230kW (308bhp) electric motor. The charging capability of the E-tron 50 is also slower due to a 120kW system compared to a 150kW system in the launch version. Currently, there are no plans to bring to the shorter range to the American market, and no price or delivery data is available. Earlier reports indicated that the Base version would be around €10,000 cheaper than the launch version.