Top 5 EV News Weima ready for L3 self-driving in 2020

By Wynand Goosen | Aug 01, 2019

Weima ready for L3 self-driving in 2020

Chinese EV manufacturer Weimar Automobile announced the completion of high-speed road tests of its L3 level autonomous drive system in Chengdu. The test vehicles were Weima EX5 EV SUVs. Weima will start producing EVs with L3 self-drive from 2020. The Weima Self-drive system is called “Living Pilot.” Currently, “Living Pilot” can fulfill various L2 driver-assist task’s such as:

  • ACCA with stop-and-go function adaptive cruise,
  • ICA high-speed cruise lane central driving assistance,
  • AEB automatic emergency braking and other features.

At CES Asia in June this year, Weima also released an ADAS function called Valet Parking. The Valet Park functionality allows for remote pick-up, park, low-speed autonomous drive, charging, etc. controlled from a mobile device.