Top 5 EV News Order book for the LEVC VN5 eCity delivery van open

By Wynand Goosen | Jul 10, 2020

Order book for the LEVC VN5 eCity delivery van open

The Geely owned LEVC, previously London Taxi CO opened the order book for the LEVC VN5 eCity range-extended electric city delivery. Deliveries for the right-hand-drive version of the VN5 starts in Q4 2020 with the left-hand drive to follow in March 2021. The LEVC VN5 comes in three variants, a Business, City and Ultima trim. The LEVC VN5 eCity has a zero-emission range of 58 miles (93km) and a range extended. 

The LEVC designed the VN5 eCity around the needs of delivery and service teams. The rear wing doors can each open 90° or 180°, permitting flexible use of the load compartment, which can take two Euro pallets. A wide step grants easy access for a person or cargo to the rear compartment and comes with preparations for installing drainage or floor ventilation systems. The flat floor is ideal for the installation of cabinets or racking systems. The electric delivery has a payload of 830kg and a further 100kg on the roof.

The interior of the VN5 electric van comes with Dual-Zone climate control as standard, three Driver Profile settings that enable the driver to tailor the van's seating, audio, and drive settings. A high definition 9-inch touch screen infotainment system in the center of the dashboard is standard and comes with DAB and Bluetooth. The fully customizable interface ensures every interaction is optimized for ease of use. Start & Stop system improves operational efficiency and convenience in busy urban environments. 

The LEVC VN5 comes ready to accept geofencing technology, enabling the vehicle too automatically modify its operating settings based on its current location, saving the operator any emissions charges when entering a low-emission zone in an inner-city area. The two-stage regenerative braking energy recovers energy by capturing much of the vehicle's kinetic energy while braking to convert it into electricity to maintain the battery charge level - helping the driver go further and reduce wear on brake pads. The service intervals of the VN5 is once every 40,000 km or 25,000 miles, making operators more productive and saving operating cost.

The LEVC VN5 electric van can be leased from £493.92 per month based on a Lex Autolease Contract Hire (without maintenance) over 60 months/20,000 mile pa with nine months' initial payment. The VN5 purchase price range from £46,500 to  £52,500, subject to OLEV approval allowing for a 20% discount up to a maximum of £8,000. The LEVC plat in Antsy, Coventry has a production capacity of 20,000 units per annum.