Top 5 EV News JAC iC5 EV to go on sale this week

By Wynand Goosen | May 07, 2020

JAC iC5 EV to go on sale this week

JAC is launching it's highly efficient new EV, the iC5, developed on the 432 platform, on the 10th of May. The iC5 went on pre-sale on the 16th of March this year and is available in three trims. Pricing for the iC5 starts at RMB 155,000 and is based on the JAC Jiayue A5 ICE, which prices from RMB 84,800.

The JAC iC5 uses the same 21700 lithium-ion type of battery cells as the Tesla Model 3, with a highly efficient energy density of 240 Wh/kg. The iC5 is also equipped with an energy-saving heat pump air-conditioning unit, which reduces energy use by more than 40%, allowing the car an additional 50km in range in the winter. The iC5 can charge enough energy to travel 200km in 30min.

The new JAC iC5 follows the new design language, designed by Daniele, an Italian star designer and former design leader at Alfa Romeo. The closed front grille is equipped with breathable LED headlights and fitted with Michelin's latest generation Haoyue PRIMACY4 low rolling resistance tires, providing comfort and lower road noise.

Interestingly enough, JAC markets equipped the new EV with the newly developed "mobile anti-epidemic cockpit," making the EV Covid-19 proof. The "mobile anti-epidemic cockpit "consists of powerful filtration, advanced oxidation, fresh air functions, and has 360-degree active disinfection. There is also a mobile phone APP to remotely activate the "mobile anti-epidemic cockpit," switching on the internal circulation, block harmful germs, and purify the vehicle before entering it.

Employing the automaker's new +3.0 drive technology, the JAC iC5 delivers a peak torque of 340 N.m, and comfortably accelerate to 100km in 7.6 seconds, WIth the unique E-type multi-link rear suspension, the chassis can be adjusted to perfect balance between sport and comfort.