Top 5 EV News New EV Brand launched with self-driving at its heart

By Wynand Goosen | Aug 01, 2019

New EV Brand launched with self-driving at its heart
Human Horizons launched its new EV Brand with self-driving at its heart and revealed its first electric car which will be delivered at the end of 2020. Human Horizons unveiled its first EV model, the HiPhi 1, which looks like a love child of a Faraday Future 91 and a Tesla Model X with its falcon-wing doors. The HiPhi 1 smart EV is a six-seat 5.2 meters long SUV packed with technology. According to Ding Lei, founder, and chairman of Human Horizons, the HiPhi is developed to be a true smart car which must connect to the world around it, consist of an open platform and artificial intelligence. The HiPhi has a low drag coefficient of only 0.28Cd, and in terms of performance, the 4WD can accelerate to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds and has a range of over 600km (375 miles). The HiPhi 1 is equipped with streaming exterior mirrors, and the technology platform is built on the company’s HOA hardware architecture which consists of over 500 sensors with which the car “communicates” with the world around it and its passengers. One example of the HiPhi 1’s ability to communicate with the environment around it is its DLP intelligent interactive projection headlights can communicate with the outside world. The headlights have an ISD smart interactive display system that brings different lighting shapes and can be used as an expression for the driver's mood. The features of the HiPhi 1 can also be extended through the open-source developer platform. The three large screens in the car are very visible and consist of a 14.6-inch instrument panel, a 16.9-inch central control panel, and the 19.9-inch screen for rear passengers. The capsule design cockpit adopts a 6-seat configuration. The rear “Commander” seats are equipped with 8-way positioning, leg rests, massagers, and more.