Top 5 EV News GAC Trumpchi Aion V launch date set

By Wynand Goosen | May 15, 2020

GAC Trumpchi Aion V launch date set

GAC Trumpchi set the launch date for its third model in the Aion series, the Aion V compact SUV. The GAC Trumpchi Aion V EV SUV will launch on the 16th of June 2020 and is already available on pre-sale from ¥170,000 after incentives. The compact SUV is available in three range options, a 400km (250 miles), 530km (331 miles), and 375 km (375 miles).

The design of the Aion V flows from its larger brother the GAC Trumpchi Aion LX, and the stitched center armrests and door handles give the vehicle a more luxurious feel. The Aion Vs driver display and infotainment system are incorporated in a dual LCD setup.

The drivetrain of the Aion V SUV delivers a maximum power output of 135kW and 350N.m torque. The dimensions of the compact SUV competes favorably with its competitors. We will update more information related to the Aion Vs pricing and specifications as it becomes available.