Top 5 EV News 2019 Chinese EV incentives kick in

By Wynand Goosen | Jun 26, 2019

2019 Chinese EV incentives kick in

The transition period for Chinese EV incentives came to an end yesterday. According to the guidelines, Chinese automakers were in a transition period between March 26th to June 25th, 2019, where they could still qualify for the 50% local subsidies. From June 26th, 2019, local incentives are abolished; at the same time, the stricter range and energy density requirements also kick-in. In the transition period, EVs that did not meet the 2019 technical requirements could still qualify for 10% of the 2018 subsidy. Key points from the new EV subsidy in China is that only vehicles with a range over 250km (156 miles) and batteries with an energy density of 125 Wh/kg qualify for incentives. The following example shows the calculation for a EV with a range of 350km (219miles) and a battery with an energy density of 125Wh/kg: 2018 - 45,000 x 1.1 = 49,500 yuan 2019 - 18,000 x 0.9 = 16,200 yuan See the table comparing 2018 to 2019 Chinese EV incentives above.