Skywell Electric Vehicles

Skywell is the electric vehicle-specific marque brand of Jiangsu Tianmei Automobile Co., Ltd and was founded in November 2019, and established in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Jiangsu Tianmei also owns 88% in Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Manufacturing Co.

The founder of Skywell is Huang Hongsheng, the tainted founder of electronic goods manufacturer, Skyworth Group, based in Shenzhen. Huang Hongsheng was imprisoned on corruption charges related to his tenor at Skyworth Digital Holdings. Mr. Hongsheng made his comeback by founding Skywell Auto Group in 2010, which acquired Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Manufacturing Co. in 2011.

Skywell's branding includes a shield-shaped logo with a fork-shaped W with a tagline "Skywell: All is Well," which embodies the automaker's promise to offer consumers safe and comfortable mobility services backed by cutting edge technologies.

The first model introduced by Skywell is the ET5 SUV. The "E" represents the electrified drivetrain, the "T" stands for technology, and the number 5 is the serial number of the model. Equal numbers will identify subsequent models for cars and uneven numbers for SUVs. The model's sizes determine the numbering, small being the lower numbers, and larger numbers for bigger models.

Skywell Pure Electric Models


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