Sneak peek of the Skoda Vision E’s futuristic interior

Sneak peek of the Skoda Vision E’s futuristic interior

The Czech automaker today gave a further glimpse into its Vision E Concept, the platform it intends to use for its electric vehicle strategy available for production in 2020. The automaker released details and artist impressions of the Skoda Vision E’s futuristic interior, called “Simply Clever.”

The Vision E’s interior sports four elevated shell-shaped chairs with the ability to electronically rotate up to 20 degrees. The cabin is spacious and modern with no middle tunnel, due to its battery powered drive train. The cockpit has various screens for the driver and passengers to operate the functions and services of Skoda Connect. Each occupant can charge his or her smartphone and connect individually to the entertainment system of the electric vehicle. Ten lighting variations provide ambient lighting through strips in the door and below the dashboard.

Access is gained through electronically operated counter-opening doors, very much like the BMW i3. From wattEV2Buy’s experience test driving the BMW i3, counter opening doors looks cool but is very impractical. Hopefully, the rotating chairs will make access easier, but it does not solve getting in the car in a parking bay, especially if it’s the driver and rear passenger. The Skoda Vision E also sports ample storage in its boot.

Skoda’s CEO, Bernhard Maier, announced at the unveiling that the company’s aim is to have electric vehicles as 25% of its model lineup by 2025. The Vision E will officially be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show, to be held from 19 to 28 April.

Skoda Vision E interior