Record sales puts BAIC in the top 3 EV producers of all time

Record sales puts BAIC in the top 3 EV producers of all time

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BAIC displaces Renault in the Top 3 EV producers

The Chinese automaker BAIC, with the help of its BAIC EC180 mini-car, shattered a couple of EV records this year. Not only is BAIC the top-selling EV brand for 2017 (pure electric EVs only), it also kicked Renault out of the 3rd position of pure electric vehicle producers in the modern EV era. BAIC’s EV strategy of focusing on pure electric vehicles instead of hybrids has paid off and is fast becoming the Top EV producer in China with a 98% year-on-year increase in sales.

BAIC became the first automaker to sell more than a 100,000 pure electric vehicles in a country, narrowly beating Tesla‘s total sales for 2017. BAIC has been the top-selling BEV brand in China for the past five years and is looking well placed to dethrone BYD on total EV sales in 2018.


The BAIC EC180, which was launched in December 2016, became the first EV model to sell more than 10,000 units a month in a single country during October 2017 and kept on doing so since then. BAIC delivered 77,355 units of the EC180 city car in 2017 with over 40,000 units being sold in Q4 2017 which is another record. BAIC’s EV sales are made through a dedicated sales network of 235 EV specific sales stores with another 65 to be rolled out shortly, making it the largest EV network in China. Read our report on the BAIC EC180 here.

The company announced in December 2017 that it would produce only pure electric vehicles from 2025 and only sell EVs in Beijing from 2020 onwards. BAIC is part-owned by Daimler who acquired a 12% shareholding in the Chinese Government owned auto manufacturer in 2013. BAIC has announced a further investment of 100 billion yuan (ca $15 billion) to support its new energy vehicle strategy. The company has been involved in the development of 46,000 public charging stations and 32,000 private charging points.

The company’s current success is based on eight years of innovation and development of its own EV technologies such as:

  • EDS – integrated powertrain,
  • PDU high voltage system for charging,
  • A high performance “Supermotor” electric motor.

BAIC won the 2017 China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award, and its third generation EV technology meets the European EVDP2.0 standard which includes the international ETVS test standard and ETSM Safety Management System.

BAIC has international export aspiration and qualified for the TÜV Rheinland Certification, the Asian Quality Excellence Award and EU Export Certification allowing it entry into Asian and European markets. BAIC’s new EV brand, Arcfox, launched its first model recently, the lightweight Arcfox LITE previously known as the Arcfox 1. The personalizable Arcfox Lite, for which BAIC obtained an EU export certificate, with its innovative five-screen display is the first artificial intelligence pure electric car with its own social network.


While the record sales in 2017 can largely be attributed to one model, BAIC announced that it would launch five new models in 2018. The range will include the new BAIC EC+, BAIC EX, BAIC EU and BAIC ET SUV “Gemini” with a range of 400km. BAIC will also enter the delivery vehicle market with 407EV MPV.

BAIC is sure to boost the international EV market with its affordable range of mass-produced electric vehicles, providing necessary competition to shake traditional Western brands out of their slumber.


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