Top 5 Electric Vehicle News | 2018 Beijing Auto Show Edition

Top 5 Electric Vehicle News | 2018 Beijing Auto Show Edition



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This weeks newsletter is dedicated to the B2018 Beijing Auto Show that kicked of on Wednesday. The Chinese EV sector is the hottest of all electric car markets and to underscore the fact big brands are starting to use Chinese EV shows for international premiers of their best selling models. This year BMW used the Beijing Auto Show to unveil the concept of its upcoming BMW iX3 SUV EV. Other international EV brands are ever increasingly launching models exclusively for the Chinese markets, causing many fans to look on with envy as their favorite models become available with an electric platform but out of their geographic reach. The 2018 Beijing Auto Show delivered a bumper crop of new EVs, much more than any of those held in the west such as the recent Geneva International Motor Show or even the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of last year. For the list of all EVs at the Beijing Auto Show I will not include previously launched international models such as Tesla, Volvo, BYTON or Range Rover. I strived to ensure that the list of all EVs at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show is as comprehensive as possible but if I have missed anything please let me know and I will add it. The list of electric cars of the 2018 BAS is alphabetical and links to all EVs are provided for detailed specs and pictures.


What happens if the head of development was the father of the AUDI Quattro? You get an EV Quattro! The EV start-up AIWAYS unveiled its sports car. The RG Nathalie this week at the Beijing Auto Show. The AIWAYS RG is developed by the AIWAYS subsidiary in Germany and designed by mo other than Roland Gumpert, the father of the AUSI Quattro. AIWAYS last week unveiled its first EV, the AIWAYS U5 ION and introduced it to the public at the Beijing Auto Show.


Ladies racing driver Gabriela Jílková joined the AIWAYS team at the launch of the AIWAYS models U5 ION and RG Nathalie.



The BAIC EX5 is the production version of the previously introduced BAIC EX400L SUV. The BAIC EX5 is the larger brother of the EX360 and competes with the BYD SONG EV and SAIC ROEWE RX5 EV. The EX5 unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show has one the highest energy density battery compositions in the Chinese market, allowing a range of 415km(260miles) and a top speed of 160km/h(100mph).


BAIC unveiled its new EU5 EV sedan in tow trims the R500 and R550 with a loner range of 450km/281 miles. The starting price after subsidies is only ¥129,900. The BAIC EU5 has the highest energy density battery currently available in the economy class with a 150Wh/kg.


BAIC unveiled its small car concept the EX3 at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. The BAIC EX3 is equipped with BAIC’s “Feeling You” intelligent system which will be sold in BAIC vehicles this year. The BAIC EX3 uses a camera system as a rearview mirror. The BAIC EX3 has flat wraparound instrument panels, large curved screens, and human-machine interaction in its design. The car will be equipped with All in one smart knob, integrated automatic lock, identity authentication, keyless start, multi-mode screen control and other functions.


BAIC unveiled the BAIC EC3 EV, the improved BAIC EC180, this week at the Beijing Auto Show. The follow up to 2017’s best selling EV AO city car the BAIC EC180 stretching an impressive 260km (164 miles) from the little body.


BAIC revealed the BAIC EV360 SUV EV pricing during the launch of the compact SUV. With under $13,000 you can now buy an all-electric SUV, that’s if you stay in China and in a city with the maximum EV incentives.


BAIC unveiled the new BAIC 407 EV light delivery truck with its futuristic look at the Beijing Auto Show. The front face of the 407 adopts a closed grille design and is integrated with the LED daytime running lights on both sides. The BAIC 407 EV is equipped with five doors and two seats. The huge vertical tail light provides a very powerful visual impact. The 407 has three reversing radars on the tailgate to provide reversing images.


BMW unveiled the BMW iX3 EV Concept offering a range of over 400km / 250 miles WLTP standard from a 70kWh battery. The production version will be produced at the BMW Brilliance JV plant in China and available in the USA and Europe.


The 1.5l plug-in hybrid Velite 6 with its wagon design was first unveiled by SAIC GM on the 18th of April and now introduced to the public at the Beijing Auto Show. The Velite 6 PHEV will enter the market in September 2018.


byd-e-seed-concept suv

BYD unveiled the 4WD E-SEED Concept EV SUV with butterfly doors. The E-SEED promises a range of 600km 375 miles) and accelerates to 100km/h (62mph) in 3.9 seconds. The E-SEED represents BYD’s vision for 2020 and the design was overseen by its Design Director Wolfgang Egger. BYD’s new design concept is named DUALBLADE incorporating Chinese culture and traditions, nature and technology. The E SEED frame is made of aluminum alloy significantly reducing the weight of the vehicle and improves the range and comfort.


The new generation BYD Tang will be equipped with a 2.0T plug-in hybrid system with a maximum power of 367kW and 0-100km/h acceleration of only 4.5 seconds will be available in the first half of 2018.


The updated BYD EV360 is based on the BYD Yuan. Like the other compact EVs by JAC, Changan and BAIC the BYD EV360 now offers a range of over 300km or nearly 200 miles for a compact SUV. Pricing after subsidy for the compact SUV class is now breaching below the $15,000 mark.


The BYD e5 with its 400km range is an economy sedan priced at just below $20,000 after incentives.


The BYD Qin EV450 is the pure electric version of the popular Qin 100 PHEV. The Qin EV460 is also a 400km plus sedan which is slightly higher placed than the BYD e5.


BYD unveiled the updated electric SONG SUV. The previous version did not fare very well against the Roewe eRX5 SUV EV and judging from the range of the updated SONG EV compared to the BAIC EX5 above the new model will again struggle against the competition.


BYD launched what it claims as the first seven-seater electric MPV in China, albeit only a plug-in hybrid version. The BYD Song MAX DM is equipped with BYD’s DLINK Smart System consisting of 341 sensors and 66 controls. Elements such as the air conditioning and lighting can autonomously start while the temperature and sound system adjusts automatically according to the environment. The cockpit has a large rotating screen which can be controlled by voice activation.


Daimler BYD brand Denza introduced the 2018 Denza 500 EV at the Beijing Auto Show. The Denza 500 EV has an improved range and more efficient battery, although at 105Wh/kg falling short of the new 140Wh/kg benchmark to achieve maximum EV incentives. The Denza 500 EV is packed with new tech including a central control large-screen system also supports LeTV. The 500 model also supports OTA  (Over the Air) upgrade of software, Carplay and more.


Changan is one of the 6 EV brands that unveiled a sedan with a range in excess of 400km (250 miles).  The updated Changan Eado can compete with the BYD e5, BYD Qin, JAC iEV50, Roewe Marvel X and Geely Emgrand. The company also unveiled an updated CS15 EV compact SUV and a CS75 PHEV.


Changan Auto realigned its EV strategy by creating four independent brands to achieve its NEV strategy billed as Mission Shangri-La. Mission Shangri-Li aims to build 21 pure electric EVs and 12 plug-in hybrid EVs by 2025, spanning from small city EVs to a high-performance coupe developed on three platforms. Changan Auto plans to complete the development of the three platforms by 2020. The brands, pictured below, will be as follows:

  1. The existing passenger vehicle unit.
  2. Changan, for mid-size to luxury models.
  3. Changing the commercial vehicles name to Oushang Cars.
  4. The light vehicle unit will now be Kaicheng Cars and repositioned as a smart logistics brand with the goal to improve the efficiency of urban logistics.


In H2 2018 Changan will announce its Autonomous vehicles strategy, billed as “Beidou Tianshu” which aims to achieve autonomous driving under certain conditions by 2020 and production of L4 vehicles by 2025. Changan is also investing in OTA (over-the-air) maintenance technologies.


Dearcc unveiled its updated E10 mini EV at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show this week. The updated Dearcc E10 range is improved by 115km.


In a bid to remain competitive with the BYD QIn Dongfeng Yueda KIA launches the K5 PHEV.



Geely unveiled its flagship Borui GE available in a plug-in hybrid at the Beijing Auto Show, The Borui GE follows on the Borui GT. The charging interface is on the left front fender. The Heely Borui GT is equipped with a 1.5TD+7DCTH plug-in hybrid system (PHEV) jointly developed by Geely and Volvo. The weighted fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 1.6L. On the battery side, the Borui GE supports three charging modes, which can be completed in as little as 1.5 hours.


The new Geely Emgrand is one of the 6 sedan EVs with a range of over 250 miles (400km). The Emgrand has so far been one of the top 20 sellers in the market and at a price of just over $20,000, it is expected to continue to do so.


Geely unveiled its “Concept Icon” advanced SUV concept, which looks very much like a Range Rover. Geely did not provide any technical specs to publish here. The Icon concept car provides an insight into Geely’s thinking of how future models design might look. The Geely Icon Concept is equipped with wireless charging for mobile devices and share information through the smart large screen in the vehicle.


The Geely luxury brand Lynk & Co launched the 01 PHEV with its release date set for the second half of 2018 in China. The Lynk & Co 01 PHEV is also available in Europe from 2020 and will be produced at the Volvo plant in Belgium.



New GWM EV brand ORA unveiled two funky concepts EVs, the ORA R1 and R2. The ORA R2 has a range of 350km (219miles) at a constant speed of 60km/h (38mph), a top speed of 100km/h and accelerates from 0 – 50km/h in 5 seconds. The ORA R series is developed on the ME platform for small EVsand incorporates Level 2 autonomous features. The underfloor battery pack uses 11 safety standards including a power-off within 60 milliseconds.



Great Wall Motors unveiled the ORA iQ5 SUV which will enter the market in July 2018. Great Wall is known for its SUVs such as the Haval, a best seller in China.I hope the price will be enticing enough to attract buyers since the 280km (175mile) range of the ORA iQ5 does not compare well to the BAIC EX5, BYD Song EV, and ROEWE RX5.


WEY showcased it’s WYE X EV SUV Concept vehicle at the Beijing Auto Show. The WEY X SUV which looks more like a sports car has a futuristic design incorporating cutting-edge automobile and communication technology.

  • Platform: Equipped with a purely electric exclusive platform, it can generate a variety of models with different wheelbases and different sizes for customers to choose from with a range of 530km (331 miles).
  • Technology: Self-charging technology and a focus on safety.
  • Smart: equipped with intelligent pixel headlamps, 3D holographic images, personalized systems and level 5 autonomous driving.

wey p8 phev

WEY launched its first luxury plug-in hybrid EV on the 22nd of April 2018 and introduced it at the Bejing Auto SHow. The WEY P8 PHEV is a 4WD SUV with fice driving modes and three all-terrain modes. The P8 has a 9-inch TFT floating color LCD touch control display, 12.3-inch three-themed virtual instrument panel, HD wide-angle interior rearview mirror, AQS air quality automatic control system, intelligent panoramic sunroof and other luxury technology finishes.


Guangzhou Automobile Honda unveiled a Concept EV for China on the first day of the Beijing Auto Show 2018. No specs or release date have been announced. The production version will only be available in China as the Japanese company with no real electrification plans have to comply with new Chinese EV regulations.


Hong Kong-based Hybrid Kinetic unveiled its H500 luxury range-extended car for the first time in China. The H500 was introduced this year at the Geneva Auto Show.


JAC launched its new long-range sedan, the JAC iEV50 at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show this week. The JAC iEV50 is available in three trims and offers a cruising range of 500km/313miles. The JAC iEV50 competes with the new BYD Qin 450, BYD e5, Geely Emgrand 450 and BAIC EU5.


The VW JAC JV launched it EV brand SOL and its first electric car. Unfortunately the first model. a compact SUV is nothing else than a rebadged JAC iEV7S SUV. The SUV is named the SOL E20X which has an 8-inch touch screen center console and offers keyless entry, one key start-stop, and other convenient functionalities.

lifan 650EV

Lifan unveiled and launched its new sedan the Lifan 650EV at the Beijing Auto Show. The Lifan 650EV has 43kWH Ternary Lithium battery providing a range of 300km (188miles). The 100kW 300N.m electric motor provides a maximum speed of 140km/h(88mph).


NIO unveiled a 6-seater version of the NIO ES8 due later this year. The six-seater ES8 uses a 2+2+2 seat layout with easier access to the third row. The six-seater ES8 features the same high-performance and intelligent features as the seven-seater ES8. The six-seater ES8 will be available for order this year with deliveries set to begin in the first half of 2019.


NIO unveiled an updated version of its self-driving vision, the NIO EVE which was first premiered a year ago at SXSW in Texas.


Nissan unveiled an electric sedan based on the Nissan Leaf powertrain. The new model is called the Nissan Sylphy and earmarked only for the Chinese market. The Nissan Sylphy is expected to be production ready by mid-2019.


Qiantu Motors introduced the production version of its K50! Event sports car. The K50 has an all-wheel-drive system and a 78.8kWh ternary lithium battery pack. The 100-km acceleration time of the car is 4.6s, and the maximum driving speed is 200km/h(125mph). The K50 has a range of 365km (228miles) NEDC. In DC fast charging mode, the battery can be charged from 0 to 80% in only 45 minutes.


The final EV in our list of electric cars with a 400km plus range is the SAIC Roewe Marvel X introduced at this years Bejing Auto Show. The Marvel X build on the Roewe connected car line-up first introduced in the RX5 SUV and co-developed with Alibaba. The production version is 90% of the concept car. The Roewe MARVEL X is built with an exclusive electric vehicle architecture and is equipped with an i-Drive intelligent all-wheel-drive system. The Marvel X accelerates to 100km/h in less than 4 seconds and is the first mass-produced car equipped with AR (augmented reality) technology. Pre-sales will start in June with the first delivery expected in September 2018.


Chinese EV start-up Singulato announced that it will cooperate with BAIC New Energy in the development of intelligent vehicle technology, charging and battery replacing facilities, distribution network, and manufacturing. Singulato Motors also released a new model, the iM8, and the new brand slogan “CodeMyD.N.A”. Singulato showcased its mass-market medium size SUV, the Singulato iS6 which will be available form the end of the year.



Chinese EV start-up SiTech presented its first connected electric car DEV1. The DEV1 uses SiTech’s D-OS operating system which includes face recognition for entering and operating the vehicle. The A0 class DEV1 promises a surprising range beating its competition such as the BAIC Arcfox Lite.


Toyota represented the fourth international auto brand to bring a China-specific EV to the Beijing Auto Show. Following Honda. KIA and Nissan the Japanese automaker unveiled the Toyota Levin (Corolla) plug-in hybrid electric car.



Weima brought 4 EVs to this years Beijing Auto Show. The Weima EX5, which saw the first production model last month, the EX6 Concept 6 seater SUV and two models from its design partner, Isdera, the Isdera EX5 Pro and Commendatore GT.


Weima open pre-sales for the Weima EX5 on the 20th of April 2018, five days before the Beijing Auto Show. During the official launch ceremony, Weima announced that it pre-sold 5,134 units in just five days. Weima surprised the market by introducing the Weima EX5 at a ridiculously low subsidy price of ¥99,000. The Weima EX5 is available in three trims with different ranges (at a constant speed of 60km/h):

  • EX300 – 380km/238mi
  • EX400 – 500km/312mi
  • EX500 – 600km/375mi

Weima also brought the EX5 Pro version in two trims, the EX5Pro 300 and EX5Pro 400.


Weima unveiled the Weima EX6 Concept SUV EV at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. The midsize EX6 Concept SUV has a 2/2/2 seat configuration.



Yudo unveils its new flagship model, the Yudo π7 EV SUV


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Top 5 Electric Vehicle News Stories of Week 16 2018

Top 5 Electric Vehicle News Stories of Week 16 2018



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chinese ev models


Three brothers are attempting to break two Guinness World records while raising awareness for EVs and funds for Boys & Girls Clubs by traveling 18,000 miles to 30 Major League Baseball stadiums and watching a full game, all within just 28 days. Two of the brothers, Steve and Dave Ahart will complete the adventure in a Tesla Model 3 with Mike Ahart providing support. The Ahart’s hope to break the World records for “Fastest Time to Visit all Major League Baseball Stadiums” and “Longest Journey by Electric Vehicle (non-solar).” They further aim to get 10,000 people to pledge to take their first EV test drive and raise $1.2 million in total for the Boys & Girls Clubs chapters in each of the MLB cities they visit. Please support their cause at the


Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Peter Altmaier, on Monday, lashed out at the local auto sector for their reluctance to commit to investing their efforts in EVs. Minister Altmaier warned the countries large automakers which include BMW, Daimler, and the VW Group that they will be left behind by international competitors. Altmaier demanded automakers to except that electric vehicles are the future and implement reforms to set the course for an environmentally-friendly future of mobility. This is not the first time that German politicians spoke out against their sector, in August 2017 (Top 5 EV News Week 33/2017) German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she doubted if German automakers were sufficiently innovative enough to progress the electric vehicle technology. Altmaier stopped short though of calling for a ban on diesel vehicles. A recent ruling by German courts gave cities the right to introduce driving bans on diesel vehicles.

In related news, coinciding with a visit by President Xi Jinping’s to the resort island of Hainan the Xinhua News Agency reported that China would use the island as a test case by being the first to ban the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles. No timeline was given in the report, but it read that China will control the number of vehicles in Hainan in “a scientific way.” The move follows on this weeks announcement by the Chinese Government it will remove the cap on foreign ownership on auto companies. EV producers gained the advantage as the rule will apply to them from this year while commercial vehicle manufacturers will follow in 2020 and passenger vehicle makers only in 2022.


Honda announced that it would hold the world-premiere of a new concept electric car at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show this week. Honda states the car is developed exclusively for the Chinese market and that a production version is to build in the country by the end of the year.

Toyota will present plug-in hybrid versions of the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Levein in Beijing. The two sedan models are also exclusive to the Chinese market and will hit the road in 2019. Both Honda and Toyota announced publically that they do not believe the EV revolution will hold, focussing their efforts more on fuel cell electric vehicles.

Buick unveiled the Velite 6 PHEV and BEV and the Enspire EV Concept this week. The three cars will be on show at the Beijing Auto Show this week. Buick announced that the Velite 6 PHEV will be available for China only later this year while it still has to decide on a release date for the Velite 6 EV. For specs and more info follow the link.


BMW teased the BMW iX3 SUV in a Twitter campaign this week. BMW will unveil the first model in its altered EV strategy at the Auto China Beijing 2018 on the 25th of April. BMW is moving away from a dedicated EV series, the i-series, to having model ranges now include all drive types. The BMW iX3 SUV PHEV and BEV is undergoing testing currently and will be available in 2019.

Chinese EV start-up SiTech unveiled the first of its range of connected EVs, the DEV1, this week. The DEV1 offers an impressive range and lots of tech at a low price. Like most new Chinese EVs of late, the DEV1 also comes with face recognition for keyless entry. The car will be presented in Beijing this week.

Top 5 EV News Week 16 2018

BYD announced the unveiling of its new electric concept at Auto China, the E-SEED at Auto China Beijing 2018.

BYD Top-5-EV-news-week-16

It’s clear that the Chinese Governments aggressive policy to support the adoption of EVs is paying dividends, and the rest of the world can jealously look on as all their favorite brand’s launch models exclusively for the Chinese market.


The Indian multi-national company Mahindra-Mahindra and Italian based Pininfarina announced the creation of the worlds newest luxury brand called Automobili Pininfarina. The company will be based in Europe and specialize in the development of luxury electrified vehicles. Mahindra, which currently lies second in the Formula E championship will combine its technical experience with the legendary automotive design prowess of the Italian company. The new brand will launch its first vehicle, an electric hypercar in 2020.

Automobili Pininfarina will be led by Michael Perschke, as its Chief Executive Officer. Michael brings with him over 25 years of experience with premium German brands at both headquarter director-level as well as in various market roles. He was the Managing Director of Audi in India and a member of the Management Board of Volkswagen Group Sales India, from 2010 to 2013. Michael will play an instrumental role in developing the strategy for Automobili Pininfarina. He will be joined by Per Svantesson as Chief Operating Officer. Per brings with him relevant experience including his stints with the Volvo Group and NEVS.


Recently Chinese deputy minister of Industry, Xin Guobin, warned the country risks falling behind in the autonomous vehicle sector. Up to now, guidelines are fragmented with individual companies like Baidu gaining approval to test vehicles while cities such as Beijing and Shanghai embarked on issuing local guidelines for self-driving tests. In this light the Chinese authorities this week laid out national guidelines for the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads. According to the guidelines the no vehicle is allowed to be tested on public roads without being tested in non-public tracks. Once authorized vehicles will only be allowed to be tested on designated roads, and a test driver must at all times be behind the wheel. The minister also indicated that technologies required for autonomous driving such as 5G communication and intelligent roads should also receive attention.

According to an Autonews report Nissan and DeNa, a Japanese gaming company, plans to join forces in the development of self-driving taxi early in the next decade. In a previous article, we reported on the two companies running a test program on a 4.5km public road in Tokoyo.

Alibaba confirmed to China Daily that it is working on a Level 4 autonomous driving capable system, joining its local internet giants Tencent and Baidu and internationally Google. According to a McKinsey report, self-driving cars in China has the potential to become a $500 billion market.


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